What Was the Best Love Triangle of 2011-2012?

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Love triangles. Whether you love them or love to hate them, you can't get away from them. They are a TV staple.

So... do Stefan, Elena, and Damon on The Vampire Diaries make your blood run hot? Do you root for Jack or Daniel to end up with Revenge's diabolical Emily? Were you thrilled to see the end of Josh and that triangle on Castle, especially since it paved the way for Beckett and Castle to end up against his front door?

Love triangles draw us in, break our hearts,and make us cheer. When done well, they should have us doing all of the three. 

Which was your favorite love triangle of the 2011-2012? We analyze a few below and then turn it over to our readers...


The Vampire Diaries: Stefan/Elena/Damon - Who should be Elena's one and only? With both pairs having enough heat to melt your TV screen, how do you choose?

Revenge: Daniel/Emily/Jack - At the end of the season, Daniel and Emily's engagement had been called off, but will they stay apart now that a very pregnant Amanda has come back to claim Jack? Looks like this triangle just became a quadrangle. And can Emily keep either man once they know her true identity?

Castle: Castle/Beckett/Josh - We always knew that Castle and Beckett were meant to be together but we also admit that Dr. Motorcycle Boy was easy on the eyes. In the end, Josh may have gotten in a punch but Castle got the girl.

Coffee Talking

Fairly Legal: Justin/Kate/Ben - We were all for a reconciliation between smoldering once-marrieds Justin and Kate but then two things happened.  First, we found out that Justin had cheated. Then we met Ben. The smarmy attorney who once came across like an arrogant jerk now appears completely besotted with the gorgeous mediator. Oh, who do we root for now?

Gossip Girl: Chuck/Dan/Blair - Blair finally made her decision to close out the latest season. But fans may never stop arguing over this one.

The Good Wife: Peter/Alicia/Will - Peter's dalliances with hookers definitely won him the lousy husband award but is there a reason why Alicia's stuck with him? We'll admit the power trip thing is damned attractive but there's certainly chemistry and respect between Will and Alicia. Now that she's tried both, which will she choose?

Rookie Blue: Sam/Andy/Luke - Now that Sam and Andy have admitted to their feelings (finally!) is Luke completely out of the picture? And when he comes back from his task force will he be hooking up with one of Andy's friends at the 15th?

Andy and Sam

True Blood: Eric/Sookie/Bill - Can't get enough of vampires in love... or at least lust? Sookie's had a love connection with both Bill and Eric but now that her portrayer Anna Paquin is pregnant will the show steer away from the books. Could we soon see a human/fairy/vampire baby? So who would be the Daddy to a pair of tiny little fangs?

The Mentalist: Van Pelt/Rigsby/Sarah - Grace ended their fling for the better of both their careers but they still keep shooting one another those doe-eyed looks across the CBI bullpen. However, with Van Pelt trying to get past having to kill her psychotic fiance and Rigsby and Sarah sharing a baby, will these CBI agents ever find their way back together?

Did we leave any out? Let us know in the Comments and vote now between the options given: Who comprised the best love triangle of the past TV season?

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def. Elena, Damon , Stefan!!!
i also like Tyler, Caroline and Klaus. TVD is so entertaining.


I love!! Elena and Damon I wanted them to be together from season 1 I think stefan is ok but delena need to end up together in the end they were made for each other and I love how Nina who plays Elena and Ian who plays Damon are dating in real life Aother love triangle I love is Dawson/pacey and Joey. I love Joey with pacey I was jumping out of my seat when I saw she picked pacey in the end. when they were together in season 3 and 4 I was so happy. I did like Dawson and Joey in season 1 and 3 but not that much in season 6 she allows knew pacey was the one she wanted to be with she was just allows running away from it

David and sabrina 2014

the best love triangle was definitely from the vampire diaries but it gets tiring to see so many problems involved in the triangle. I can't wait for season 4. =|


fairly legal - i cant decide, i love justin but i think now ben has kind of beaten him, hes annoyingly adorable TVD- delena at least for a bit!! just to see them as a couple because we've seen stelena and so now we need a comparison GG- i completley agree, GG has gotten unwatchable, everyone just falls in love every 3 episodes for someone else, serena is the most juvinile, self absorbed, airheaded idiot ever written, she isnt funny, clever or even remotely entertaining, i just cringe when i watch her. blair was of course brilliant, until she became ridiculous, the finale showed the whole cast just fell back into season 1 cliches and with chuck pushing everyone away, serena being a slut and dan being...bland.




and the chuck dan blair thing is getting annoying and then serena's in the mix cuz she wants dan its like highschool all over again.. SERIOUSLY.
cannot watch this show anymore :|


SERIOUsly?! no one's rooting for castle/beckett


delena all the way


I would've said Damon/Elena/Stefan from TVD because really, Elena can't choose but I have been rooting for Delena since the very beginning so for me that's a given that she'll end up with him.
I'll have to say The Good Wife's Alica/Will/Peter surprised me with unexpected turn arounds from Alicia, so here goes my vote.


Why wasn't the Klaus, Caroline and Tyler love triangle an option?

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