What Will Georgina Stir Up on Gossip Girl?

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The headline above is more of a question to you than it is a cryptic tease on our part, although Michelle Trachtenberg, who plays Georgina Sparks on Gossip Girl, was asked about the final season recently.

Regarding her devious character's involvement in Gossip Girl Season 6, she didn't have too much to add, as scripts are only in the very early stages, but "She will be there at the end," she teases.

As for what she would like to see happen?

Michelle Trachtenberg as Georgina Sparks

"Georgina should sleep with every one of the male characters on the show. I think it's not fair to single one out," Michelle says. "Even though she's married, she's an equal opportunity offender."

"I look forward to bedding every Upper East Side boy ... as Georgina!"

That would certainly qualify as stirring things up, even by G standards.

When we last saw Ms. Sparks in the Season 5 finale, she was forming an alliance of sorts with Dan. What would you like to see her role in the final season be like? Share your comments below!

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Georgina should hook up with Jack, they both like to stir up trouble.


She would only need to sleep with Nate.
She took Chuck's virginity and slept with Dan in college.


@and rufus is no VES MAN more! he is back in brooklyn. so he is a brooklyn guy again. the only ves men are bart, nate, jack, cyrus..chuck


@zoran: i am sure rufly have already enough obstacles now for season 6. first we have the cold side from lily and then we have bart. and we have ivy.. that are everything obstacles and that is seriously enough!!!:-(((


I don't like georgina.She should really grow up and take care of her son instead of trying to destroy people like a pathetic school girl this is a blair thing.


Georgina had no sex only with Nate! Chuck lost his virginity to Georgina or she with him, it's not clear because Chuck said that the Italian maid made ​​him a man. Dan had a love affair with Georgina at the beginning of season 3. The only boy with whom Georgina has not had sex is Nate. I think it is right that the two of them in season 6 have sex together. It will be very exciting and intriguing because both of them are very promiscuous. However, there was still a free man on the UES which Georgina could catch - Rufus! This would lead to major conflict between Lily and Rufus and Georgina!


Nate and Gorgeina can't have slept together because Nate was with blair and then slept with Serena before she left ... Unless Nate is a whore and hooked up with Goregina too without us knowing then that's just sad but I doubt it ... This all started because when Serena and Nate slept together.


I would like to see her and Dan end up together, they deserve each other. Although I was a Dair fan, I quickly returned to Chair. Dair is more fun as a friendship rather than a relationship, and who doesn't like the Georgina/Dan relationship. It was funny in season 3, it will be funny now!


I hate georgina she is so annoying.


What? No!!!! I don't want Georgina to cheat on Philip. They are the cutest couple on GG ever... Though i can easily see her getting under Bart's skin and becoming Chuck's stepmother (but i don't want that either...i like Lily with Bart [Bart not so much right now..but still])

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