Will Mark Die on Grey's Anatomy?

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Will Mark Sloan become the latest victim of a tragic plane crash when Grey's Anatomy Season 9 begins in September? It seems unlikely, but certainly not impossible, given what we know.

Or more accurately, what we don't.

Consider what Shonda Rhimes said right after the Season 8 finale claimed the life of Chyler Leigh's character and left the fates of others up in the air: "They're still out there in the forest."

"We left it open for a reason because ... I hate to say this, but just because you saw people alive at the end of the finale doesn't mean they're going to be alive when the season starts up."

Then consider this latest unsettling teaser, from TV Guide's William Keck in response to a fan question on Twitter. Eric Dane himself is apparently unsure of his character's fate ...

Dane Twitter

Dane is not one of the original stars who agreed to new contracts, for what that's worth, and the show losing Mark on top of Lexie would make for its most talked-about season premiere yet.

Still feels like a stretch, though ... Eric not knowing could be as simple as not wanting to say what he doesn't know for sure, or playing coy for the sake of keeping the mystery alive this summer.

What do you think? Will he and the rest of the doctors in the woods make it?

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I reckon it's the best thing for everyone. He has to die - I really don't think I'll be able to cope with watching a whole season of watching Mark's pain.


Perhaps Romeo & Juliet style... Mark will die, following Lexie, and then Lexie will gasp for air, coming back from the dead. Well, probably not, as she was crushed under a plane.


I really don't know if anyone will die, but with this new writer on staff and considering the subject he writes about I really don't think Arizona is going to be dying. Mark is the only one who's internal strength and fortitude is really on the line with the finale. So if anyone else does die and assuming it's not the pilot, then it's most likely going to be Mark.


I think the next person to die will be Arizona. Anyone remember her coughing up blood??! Evidently there's more going on with her injuries other than a badly mangled/broken leg.


I hope his character get killed off, he's McAnnoying and a jerk.


Mark is no longer eye candy (at least not to me and he use to be gorgeous). Anyway just have him die. Let's be honest here, does anybody think that ED could actually act dramatic? And that was the plate he was just served, so...


.... plus Callie was just way too happy about her perfect life. In Shondaland, that usually doesn´t last long.


Does anyone think the next to die might be the pilot? He´s a redshirt who was still alive for some odd reason and I think if anyone else gets the boot, it´s him. Killing off Mark would be a waste of drama potential but of course, it´s possible. I hope he doesn´t die though. For one, I stopped shipping him with Lexie a long time ago and since she was boring and he´s one of my faves on the show, I hope he makes it; second: he´s a dad! It would be cruel and pathetic to kill off a dad because his Ex died. An Ex whom he couldn´t even decide to take back until she died in front of him. And third: He´s the best plastics surgeon there is, and his "brother" Derek needs a good one of those to save his hand. Too many reasons to keep Sloan on the show. Why kill him off? To please the fans who are already shouting that they will not watch anymore? Why do they care then. If one of the "big" characters has to go, I hope it´s Arizona. She was spitting blood and that´s never a good sign plus Callie was just way too happy about her perfect life. In Shondaland, that usually doesn´t last long.


I was so sad and angry with Lexie's death that for once I thought KILL MARK coz they were "MEANT TO BE" but then I thought I can't survive two of MY FAV people die one by one so I think Mark should live and season 9 should concentrate on Mark's grief and I hope he will change now.. for lifetime... It was life altering moment for Mark. :( But I still love Mark and Lexie together and my heart is broken like Mark and nothing can be done.. I am still mad at Shonda the cruel Rhimes..:(


MArk's job is to be eye candy, he won't die

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