Will Mark Die on Grey's Anatomy?

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Will Mark Sloan become the latest victim of a tragic plane crash when Grey's Anatomy Season 9 begins in September? It seems unlikely, but certainly not impossible, given what we know.

Or more accurately, what we don't.

Consider what Shonda Rhimes said right after the Season 8 finale claimed the life of Chyler Leigh's character and left the fates of others up in the air: "They're still out there in the forest."

"We left it open for a reason because ... I hate to say this, but just because you saw people alive at the end of the finale doesn't mean they're going to be alive when the season starts up."

Then consider this latest unsettling teaser, from TV Guide's William Keck in response to a fan question on Twitter. Eric Dane himself is apparently unsure of his character's fate ...

Dane Twitter

Dane is not one of the original stars who agreed to new contracts, for what that's worth, and the show losing Mark on top of Lexie would make for its most talked-about season premiere yet.

Still feels like a stretch, though ... Eric not knowing could be as simple as not wanting to say what he doesn't know for sure, or playing coy for the sake of keeping the mystery alive this summer.

What do you think? Will he and the rest of the doctors in the woods make it?

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Better not. I am not happy about Lexie. I will not be happy if Mark dies. Kill Arizona if some else has to die Better yet, let's let every one live. Do not do the "I will the great surgeon u
lose the use of his hand" story. You've done


I was shocked at Lexie's death but Arizone or Mark? No more! I guess the Shonda Rimes can't help if actors want off but wouldn't it be better if she'd leave a way for a return or a recast? I mean if she's gonna kill off someone, kill April!!!!




I think it'll be Arizona. There was a ton of foreshadowing. Plus, it would be more of a surprise, yet still believable (since she was coughing up blood). Also, for those of you who are angry at Shonda for killing off Lexie and threatening to stop watching, it was the actress who wanted to leave. Not much Shonda can do about that; Lexie would be off the show either way, and there's not many other ideas of how to ship someone off who still has a year left of residency.


I still think the hospital shooting was one of the best episodes


I think given Meridith's head injury it could be her. Also Derek. i never thought arizona's injury was as bad as thre rest. I love Cristina!!! I hope she and Merideth and Derek are still there. I will miss Lexie so much as she is one of the most normal and real people on the show.I really don't know about Mark. I would hate to see the show without both of them not getting a second chance. Hey!!!...... maybe it was all a dream. Kind of like Dallas. LOL...
We shall see. Should be interesting


i think out of all the characters on the show for it to have been lexie that they killed off was crap she acturally brought something different to the show like the episode with the tumor in the spine she just brings a smile to everyone around her even when she was harping over not being with sloan to derek it was cute and brought a smile ton his face because she was always nervous she was different from everyone always being moody i'm acturally worried about them killing off derek becuase i remeber a few months ago an interview that he gave saying that he was really getting in to racing and he would think about leaving the show if they couldnt work around his racing schedule i know they say they have signed contracts but just think about it something that big they could be lying so you cant figure out who else will go LOVE LEXIE FOREVER truth if anyone should have been on the plane and had to die it should have been april i so dont care for that character i think she is annorying


I def think its going to be Arizona. The way Callie was gushing over how distance makes the sex grow hotter and how you life can change in a second, I feel like Shonda is gearing up for a big surprise. Maybe Mark will go too but if that were the case, it would be one hell of an exodus, don't you think?


Well Mark is the poster guy for not wearing a shirt, so I'll need some convincing that Shonda will kill off one of her photogenic male leads.


Leaving him alive to live without lexie would be TORTURE i tell you!! but keeping him alive would also make a good storyline of how he copes with the loss of the love of his life. If he dies, that would be torture for the viewers... and callie/arizona/sophia

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