ABC President Shows Confidence in Grey's Anatomy, Speaks on Cast Shakeup

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Chyler Leigh and Kim Raver are out. Eric Dane will soon join them. Gaius Charles and Camilla Luddington are in.

Indeed, the hallways of Seattle Grace on Grey's Anatomy Season 9 will look VERY different than in past years. But ABC Entertainment President Paul Lee isn't too worried. He has enormous faith in Shonda Rhimes.

“If you look at what Shonda’s done… she has maintained the critical dynamic behind that show, the creative dynamism, for such a long time," Lee told reporters today at ABC's session of the Television Critics Association press tour. "And I love to see her taking risks and reinventing the show every year.”

Doctor Teddy Altman Photo
Lex Smiles
Mark Prepares to Operate

Will there be any more significant pieces of casting news announced?

"I think you’ve seen the major moves," Lee said, adding that he's "excited" about where Rhimes and Grey's are going after such an intense season finale.

Hear that, fans? You can finally take a breath. Until the September 27 premiere, of course.

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Happy Birthday to Jessica Capshaw!!! and "feel the joy!" on your special day!


Re: ABC's Paul Lee's comment, "'ve seen the major moves." Arizona's demise WOULD be considered a "major move," right? It would be cataclysmic to me! I'm not familiar with S. Rhimes' teasing tactics from past seasons, but she disclosed a LOT of information about the S-9 characters' situations, with the exception of Arizona. She may be withholding comments in hopes that new cast members/storylines might offset what could be a HUGE fallout in Sep-Oct if Arizona doesn't live...??


I acutually like the fact that there is going to be some new people on the show, and some old ones are going (exept from mark, i dont ser how the show can co on without him).


people look back see the memories...everything revolves around the residents theres no more izzie or george all thats left is christina alex and mer... and instead of the characters learning from their patients and becoming stronger and watching them struggle and grow... we are now stuck with these characters who are already grown and there aren't even patients anymore... its become about love not overcoming your fears for love what i was originally made to do...thatt doesnt mean i dont still love it


They just tossed three (maybe 4) main characters, that leaves 3 spots open. I would have thought back during seasons 1-5 that the show wouldn´t be watchable without George and Izzie but some of my favorite episodes happened after their departure and I think the show did pretty well with compensating for lost characters. I´ve never missed Burke or Izzie at all and I´m not too shaken about George either. Lexie´s death was sad, Mark´s (if he does die) will be even sadder to me but the show can do without them. Never cared much for Teddy so that´s not a big loss to me. So far as the show keeps its humor to deal with the life´s a bitch theme, it´s gonna be okay. And Rhimes said it won´t be a depressing season even if it might seem that way now.


shonda's trying to spice things up
but it's too spicy shonda!! Too Spicy!


how do they manage to 'eliminate' some of my favorite characters?????????
I don't wanna see new faces i want them to come back!!!


I don't think Grey's is gonna last much longer.. The show is losing all the best characters.. idk. The only reason i'l continue to watch is to just see what happens.


To those saying that Meredith is leaving; I'm not sure if you research your shows, but Meredith, Alex, Cristina, Derek, Miranda and Richard will ALL be back for at least TWO more seasons of at LEAST 46-48 episodes, as the cast signed contracts to return back in May. So you can stop freaking out. Meredith (and everyone else - not sure on Arizona though) are going NO where.


if meridith will leave too what's the sense of the name "Grey's Anatomy"?


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You almost died like men.


I miss my dad.