Alphas Review: Lock Ins and Break Outs

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When we last left Alphas, there was a definite sense of change, and all of it was for the better.

Handling a Hostage Situation

"Walk Up Call" tempers the expectations I’ve placed on Alphas for almost a year now. But while the shape of this season is largely coming back together in ways we saw last year, now there’s the added benefit of having clarity and definition. Last season was all about Red Flag, and going about the same objectives in differing ways.

Now, Stanton Parrish and his merry brotherhood of mutants are out to reshape the world, and to exert their superiority over the government. However, the true struggle now is placed directly into the laps of our Alphas. How can their team continue to work for a government that has consistently shown that their goals are not always in line with their own? Yet... how can their team idly sit by and let Parrish wreak havoc on the innocent people caught in the middle? Mix all of those variables with the world now knowing who they are and what they are capable of, and things can get murky fast.

It’s all steeped in superhero clichés, but why try to fix it when it’s good storytelling?

Although things were shaping up to be (mostly) the same by the close of the episode, Dr. Rosen’s short stint in lockup after his revelation speech changed everyone. Cameron and Bill tried their best to continue to put rogue Alphas away in hopes that by doing so they themselves could be seen as assets rather than threats. Sadly, for all Cameron and Bill tried to do, they couldn’t prevent Gary from being used as pawn, and things beyond Gary’s control end up getting him locked away in Binghamton.

Rachel ended up going back home, and shutting out the world and all of its assaults on her senses while Nina got back into her conning game. Nina is really the most worrisome out of all the Alphas because she’s pushing people again, all to fill the personal loss when the team broke up, and this time it looks like she’s actually addicted to pushing people.

While Rosen doesn't have a real power I find it interesting that without him acting as the glue the entire team falls apart. Without his calming presence they can't function.

The team is back to playing to their old character habits, but now forever changed by the events that shaped them last season; in addition to the events during this eight-month gap that we haven’t had a change to see. The most interesting changes amongst them is what happened between Nina and Cameron: the two of them have gone from being attached at the hip to hating each other.

Compared to last season, it looks like Alphas isn't dragging its feet this summer, but, instead, continuing the fun, frantic pace of the season finale.

What did you think of tonight’s Alphas premiere?


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This show slowly grew on me as last season progressed, and now that they are back I can honestly say that I missed the way that the team worked together with Dr Rosen. But I, too was surprised it took them so long to find Gary. I was not surprised that Nina and Hicks are on the outs, though I hope that they do get back together somehow, because they have great chemistry.


I was somewhat confused at the start of the episode, like why didn't the team try to break out dr Rosen? It's something they would do, plus how did they not know Gary's whereabouts for so long?
Now I'm extremely interested in the Nina Hicks storyline, maybe because it's the only romance we get on the show but also because I thought they were really cute together. Any theories out there at the moment?




I like this show, particularly the series regulars and the guests who play Alphas with different abilities. Im sure we all played the children game of "if you could.....what ability would you have." I have no idea what the reviewer was going for in the first two paragraphs and I'm confused if he liked the show or was looking for some deeper meaning. I'm happy that Alphas is back and look forward to seeing this odd quirky characters working together.


I liked the premiere. But I really hope to see more twists in the storyline. Gary had been used as centred character several times before in season 1, so there needs to be more variation on that front. The different relationships speak for themselves: great and fun to watch.


I enjoy seeing the change in Bill/Hicks relationship, they were still on hostile level when season 1 ended.


I thought Nina/Cameron relationship would still be fine when it came back but collapse as the season wore on but it seems that we may be doing a flashbacks and I am intrigue even though I was not a fan of them being paired together (as I agree they are too cliche and he would be better paired with Rachel). Love their support for Gary at the end. He truly is the little brother of the group.


I really liked the premier and i think this season is going to be great. I'm glad the team is getting back together and that things are kinda slowely turning back to normal.It looks like there will be a new alpha coming in in next weeks episode or sometime soon that might join the team and it also the guy with speed looks like he might become an enemy that might be around for more than one episode but who knows.I hope the new girl alpha that I think might join the team shows up soon because I think she can be a cool character.I can't wait till next weeks episode it looks great.

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