Andrea Gabriel to Recur on Gossip Girl As...

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Andrea Gabriel has been cast on Gossip Girl Season 6.

The actress - best known to TV viewers as Nadia on Lost - will appear on multiple episodes of The CW drama this fall as Amira, a businesswoman from Dubai, Variety reports.

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Gabriel has also guest-starred on House, The Whole Truth and Franklin & Bash. She will make her big screen debut this November as Kebi in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2.

Gossip Girl, meanwhile, kicks off its final stretch of episodes on October 8.

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tell me more before comment


Come on! Aother femme fatale guest-star for either Chuck (hopefuly not) or Nate (likely but hopefuly not) do? Just give me the real characters I care about. And I can't believe I'm saying this but maybe bring back J

Miss andrea

@G LOL, you're SO right!
I can't wait till next season but at the same time I DON'T want it to end :'(


There's a gay wedding scene in gossip girl next season :| but the only gay person we know is Eric ...


So... This is who Nate will be banging.


I agree with everyone who said they did not need new guest actors, and that the story should focus on in season 6 of the existing characters! But if the production has already decided to take the visiting actors, then there are several reasons for this. Perhaps Andrea it will be GG, or may replace Vanessa or Jenny. Regarding the announcement of two new visiting other actors, one is probably the new Lola and the other might be Erik or Scott (half-brother of Serena and Dan). All in all I think it does not need to bring new actors, but should focus on completing the story of Serena, Dan, Chuck, Blair, Nate, Rufus and Lily, and should be returned to Erik, Jenny and Vanessa.


The only new character we only need is GOSSIP GIRL ... She's the only important new character once she or he comes out :3 the others GOSSIP GIRL FANS SAY NO.. BRING JENNY BACK.. As much as I find her soo annoying I love her in season 3 ... Her storyline was the only good one out in s3 .. Apart that hated s3 anyways... Bring her back come on its been what! 2 to 3 years since the chuck and Jenny sex thingo who cares Blair needs a designer and she knows Jenny is the perfect one for the job come on... Plus Little J is soo good as bitchy J


Bring back Vanessa Abrams !!!!!!!!!!!!!!




I'm not really excited about this. I agree with cat, new charcters will take away important screen time. They should focus on the already existing characters and bring back old ones instead of adding new ones.

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