Army Wives Review: Is The Magic Gone Forever?

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Army Wives featured the much-anticipated reunion between Pamela and Roxy this week.

A lot has been riding on this, as if the return of Pamela and Chase might be able to repair all of the broken promises we feel left with this season.

Please let me know if I was alone in my assessment, but if anything, the reappearance of the Morans made things worse. Not only did they once again fuel the fire of Roxy's dreams of leaving the Army - now sooner than later - they gave her the impression that what Trevor does for his country was somehow inferior to Chase's fancy new job in corporate security.

Army Wives Season 6 Scene

It was then that I realized the story arc for the Morans had been written and released long ago. There wasn't an actor to blame, or lazy writing; there was clearly nothing left for Chase in the service or for Pamela as an Army wife. They served their time and moved on. As much as we may have wanted for something magical to happen when paid the LeBlancs a visit, I call the entire thing a bust.

Speaking of disappointments, Jackie's life is full of them, isn't it? I can sincerely say she tries harder than any other wife I've seen to please her husband, but falls short more often than not. Now that we've met her daughter Sophie, it seems that apple didn't fall far from the father tree.

It took her a while to open up and give us something to work with in terms of understanding why she was such a little bitch, but Sophie did have some valid points about Jackie.

Unfortunately, they all fall back to the undeniable pressure Jackie has felt being Kevin's wife. She was just incapable of being both a wife and a mother, and her focus fell on the relationship that caused her the most grief. Having come to terms with her weaknesses where Kevin is concerned won't be easy to share with Sophie, but I hope they can at least begin a healing process. Jackie is working on her deficiencies and her efforts are genuine. She deserves a break so that she doesn't have another one herself.

For the first time since the break in the season, Tanya made an appearance and it seemed to indicate the beginning of the end for Jeremy's fiance at Fort Marshall. While we weren't looking, she and Dr. Hanson moved in together and plans are in motion for them to find their happy ending as Tanya retires from the Army.

She wasn't going to get that chance without learning just how much love Denise feels for her. Putting her own career as a civilian nurse on the line to help Tanya with a seriously misguided and misogynistic Army doctor, she and Claudia Joy work together to clear Tanya of false accusations at work to get rid of a doctor that spent the last 15 years single-handedly ruining the careers of nurses at Fort Marshall.

It was a fitting way for Denise to express just how much Tanya meant to her and that she will always be considered family in her eyes.

One question before I go: For how long as Maxim been considered pornography? Shouldn't Roland and Joan be happy that's the worst thing David and TJ were doing as pre-teen hijinks? Honestly, I was perplexed.

I know you have a lot to say about "Hello Stranger." Did you agree with my thoughts on seeing the Morans again or did their return live up to your expectations? Let's chat about it in the comments!


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I think for those of you who were saying that this show is no longer for familes because it has lesbians and divorce in it. Well guess what I think the charm and wonderfulness of this show is because it is real life and guess what real life has lesbians and gay marriages, divorce, affairs and so much more. So thank you Army Wives for keeping the show about real life and not the fantasty of tv.


Are they gonna bring back Army Wives next season I so look forward to watching this show. It has great charactor s and is so up to date with life changing drama.


where is Claudia Joy? I hope not ill. You need to bring her back if you continue the show. I guess I don't expect an answer to my questions or it would have been public by now!


Pleaseee keep the show going, i forward to every sunday to watch Army Wifes--it my ever & the best show ya'll have EVER put on!!Season 7 pleaseeeee


I don't know why everyone is so upset by the gay/lesbian marriage on the show. The world is different now than it was years ago. Gay and lesbian marriage is a real part of life the way it is now, why is everyone so concerned with this? Is anyone hurting you by being married to the same sex? I am a heterosexual, however I still believe in the right to freedom and anyone should be allowed to be married. This is a reality of the times and I am glad that they added this to the show!!! Nobody has the right to say that they ate better than the next person because they Beleive in different things, people need to stop living on the past and face reality.


Is Kim Delaney coming back to Army Wives? Sure hope so as she is the glue that holds them all together. Has she been off due to illness?


I love this show so much and the great cast members!! I can't help but feel like I have learned to appreciate life so much more than I have before as well as friends. It's just a great show with great real life scenarios that people can relate to.


I love this show and i hope they come back for another season some of the episodes were not the best. but i still think its a good show I do hope they bring back pamala.I miss her on the show but i do like Gloria. Hector can defenitley go bye bye Gloria needs a new love interest like maybe Trevor and Rozys friend that was burned they seemed to have a connection with each other.I just hope they come back for another season its better then some of the shows we have on T.V.


I do not approve of the episodes showing lesbians and gay marriage. This takes away the value this show seemed to be based on. Why is divorce always the answer to every problem? Please stick with the right kind of values. We need more of it, especially on television.


I think I am officially done with this show. I do not agree with the portrayal of the lesbian storyline. None of those characters interact with the others and do not fit in with the show. Now they are entering the gay marriage issue and that is just a political move with the show. What happened to dealing with the core families of the show and dealing with the family issues? The only new characters I enjoy are Jackie and Gloria, but I think that's more because they interact with the core characters. I couldn't stand Charlie from the beginning. Every time I see Kellie Martin, I picture her on ER or Life Goes On. She just doesn't fit to me on the show. And after reading the episode descriptions of the next few episodes, I think I've had enough of all of it. I read they were talking about doing one more season of the show, but unless it changes tremendously, I won't be watching. This season has been a real disappointment. The show needs to get back to it's roots and dealing with military life.

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No changes. Still marriage counseling. The lady says I have a temper.


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