Awkward Review: Spiritually You're, Like, in Canada

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"Are You There God? It's Me, Jenna" certainly went all the way in terms of Church Camp: touching on homosexuality, some of the logical pitfalls of Christianity and the need for religion.

The episode revolved around Jenna’s guilt over her parents’ separation, and, to some extent, her issues with Matty. Jenna looking for solace or redemption leads her and Lacey to church, and right into Lissa’s forgiving arms.

Or maybe Jenna just went to Church Camp for taco party.

Hugs for Jenna

Whatever Jenna’s reasons, ultimately she found what she was looking for, and it wasn’t necessarily Jesus. While she came to understand that Lissa needed absolution from those around her and powers beyond her control, for Jenna receiving absolution and moving on from mistakes was about accepting that these things happen, and part of moving on from them is having a support system in place or risk drowning when left alone with unresolved feelings.

For everything Jenna did learn at camp, we can safely say that Sadie didn’t. No, Sadie was her typical you’re welcome self... and would we have it any other way? Leave it to Sadie to wonder how Mary could still get pregnant and be a virgin.

Lacey, meanwhile, learned how to be alone with Val. It was enjoyable learning all of Val’s different scenarios and stories she makes up for being alone because they’re so perfectly aligned with her character: sometimes sad, but always funny.

I’m not sure how I feel about Lacey being without Kevin. Sure, this is a new layer of storytelling for her, and I’m happy about that, but at this moment not a lot has changed from an audience perspective. Kevin shows up once in a while and gives some advice to Jenna, so the only difference now is the added separation layer.

But, Awkward hasn’t let me down yet, and why would it start now?

Finally tonight, Jenna’s stalker Kyle made a return visit, and while he’s no longer caring about whether or not Jenna Lives he does have a new interest in take it outside Tamara.

It’s interesting how much the five stages of grief comes up in Awkward, and Tamara’s Kyle feud follows it almost to the letter: first, in denial and isolation from being grounded and wondering if Kyle really is stalking her; during the Skype chat Tamara gets angry with him for not cutting it out, and then proceeds to bargain with him that he should at least complement her undertones. Depression and acceptance are a little mixed, Tamara accepts that Kyle is going to stalk her so she collects and binds all of her information for him, and when he proceeds to tell her take it outside is for kids spending too much time on their computers you can see Tamara become a little sad.

Before telling us what you thought about the episode here are the winning quotes!

Lissa: And then on Sunday Jesus forgives all your sins, and there's a taco party. | permalink

Tamara: Well, if they tell you to drink the Kool-Aid and take a nap. Don't. | permalink
Clark: I'm not totally sold on the whole Jesus being straight thing. All that time in the desert with 12 dudes and no women... | permalink
Sadie: I'm a pregnant woman who claims she's a virgin. So, decide for yourself. | permalink

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Two more thoughts:

  • Lacey's boobs are certainly getting plenty of hero shots this year. First in the hot tub and now in church. It reminds us of Bangladeshi Boobies.
  • Remember when I was getting a little sick of Matty being a story wallflower? Well, it looks like that's about to change. This new girl caused him to sniff his armpits! I thought for sure we had moved past that. Now, the only question is how crazy will Jenna react, and will she arouse any suspicions from Jake?

Now, Awkward fans, what did you think of the episode?


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I think the blog commentator could be..Kyle!


hi i wrote a other comment dunno where it is but i totally agree with sj because it seems matty suddenly likes her now since jake pointed it out n maybe Matty knows that jenna knows that when he likes someone WEN HE snifs under his arms they know each other so well...i like Jake n jenna i mean i love them Jake is such a genuine guy but they make u like Matty more n feel sorry for him even though he was the one who should feel sorry n bad for all he did to Jenna suppose Matty's character is more exciting but Jake seems like the better guy id love a guy like him but guys like Matty get more girls cos i dunno bad boy thing even makes me love Matty i dunno i love Matty n Jake jetty or whatever the name is anyway love the show ..hope what i said on my other post happens anyway this is all my opinion so no1 take offence :Dnite


Damn I hate the dealings when Jenna his shuts down Mattie especially when jenna said she's a bitch and then Matties reaction it jus sucks I wanna see more


I think the commenter is either Matty or Lacey. But this time, Lacey's trying to make amends for writing the letter.


I've been wondering if Matty is the commenter as well. When the commenter said you're not alone I had flashbacks to Matty taking down all of the posters of Jenna's chest from last season when Sadie tried to shame her.


i agree with sj. i hought the commenter was matty as well.


I am thinking its too obvious that Matty would be the commenter but it would make sense if it were him. I think that Matty will like the new girl but the connection him and Jenna have will outlast his new relationship. I can only imagnine when Jake finds out the truth.


I think that the anon commenter is Matty. And that he's only pretending to like that other girl to make Jenna jelous.
Or maybe I'm just delusional and convincing myself that because I'm totally Team Matty!

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Awkward Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

I'm not totally sold on the whole Jesus being straight thing. All that time in the desert with 12 dudes and no women...


I'm a pregnant woman who claims she's a virgin. So, decide for yourself.