Burn Notice Review: The Cost of Freedom

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Through 85 episodes and all of the different people that Michael has had to face off against - such as Management, Vaughn, and Simon - he has been able to keep his friends and family safe.  

But "Shock Wave" changed that, as Michael’s brother Nate was hit with a high-powered bullet when someone assassinated Anson Fuller before he could be arrested. 

Given that Anson is no longer a threat to him, it's clear Michael Westen is going to turn his incredible talents and the skills he has learned over the last six years towards finding the person who murdered his brother. 

The Team Hunts Anson

We have seen what Michael would do when his mom was threatened, I don’t want to imagine what kind of Hell storm he is going to create in his wake as he looks for Nate’s killer. Additionally, I can’t imagine what he may do to that person once he finds them.

Did anyone else catch the gigantic hole in the sign behind Nate after he fell? I initially thought the bullet had gone from Anson to Nate and then the sign, but given the way the edges flared towards Nate, I’m betting the shooter was on the far side of the sign and shot Anson through Nate. I’m sure we will learn more as Michael does.

I was kind of surprised that Jason Nix had brought Nate out of mothballs this season given that we had not heard anything from him since "Mind Games" early last year. Then I understood after this episode: He needed someone close to Michael to kill off. Which makes me wonder if he and Joss Whedon have been having lunch together.

However, while Nate's death is going to add some great meat for Jeffrey Donovan to work with, my first question was to wonder if anyone will really miss the character. Don't get me wrong, I liked Nate, but his personal storyline and contribution to other storylines have amounted to what we saw tonight: order pizza and annoy Michael. Clearly he was the easiest to kill off, but only time will tell if he was the right one. 

While Nate was the elephant in the room, we still had Fiona up to her ass in alligators as MI-6 agent Arthur Meyers showed up to put the brakes on her exit from prison. You have to like how Ayn was able to leverage helping Fiona into getting a support letter from the Warden for her parole hearing in a few months. Anyone want to bet on seeing Ayn again once she gets out?

And while we are talking about Fiona, did I miss part of an episode where they revealed that Rebecca had been behind Fiona’s attempted murder in prison? When Michael and Fiona were talking, she stated that Rebecca had been behind it and I couldn’t remember that being revealed. 

Finally, while I love Sam, his adventure with Barry seemed to resolve itself a bit abruptly. Maybe it’s just the completionist in me that wanted to see Garrett out cold to feel like it was really over. Or maybe it had more to do with us going from that happy ending to Nate’s death that tainted the previous event a bit. 

As we say our finally goodbyes to Nate Westen and wonder what this is going to mean for Michael, remember to stop by our Burn Notice quotes section and see what made the list this week.


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Excellent. I didn't care for Nate. I'm betting on Rebecca as the shooter.


Rewatching the episode, after Nate was hit he went backwards suggesting that the bullet first went through Anson, then Nate and the sign. Also, the overhead angle showed no wound on Nate's chest where he had previously been holding it.


In all fairness, as I comment, I missed the first 10-15 mins, so I might have missed something important. I wasn't surprised it was nate, there have been spoilers out for weeks that someone was going to die and it was going to effect madeline personally. I thought for a nano-second it might be jesse, because she has grown to care for him as she does the others, but as soon as michael yelled at him and threw him out of the hotel room, I knew 100%. I agree he didn't bring much to most storylines he was in, but I did like him. Even though I wasn't surprised, I did tear a little when michael ran to his side and he said he was scared, and then when michael had to tell his mother (although I personally think that scene between mike and maddie would have played out better if you couldn't hear them, just see the reactions). As much as I love jeffrey donovan, I didn't think last night was his best work - the scene while nate was dying or when he told his mother or when Fi was released from prison - I just think he is much better than he showed last night. My biggest gripe with this episode - Anson is just shot. That's it. He's there, and then dead. I didn't even realize he had been shot too at first. For such a big baddie who has been running all this crap from the start, that's it? I was getting a little tired of him but really? And my first and only thought is it had to be Rebecca. She knew mike wouldn't kill anson, so she had to. Whether she meant to hit nate or not, doesn't really matter. She just painted a target on her head.


It was painfully obvious from quite early in the episode that Nate was going to be the one to die (they had teased that "someone won't make it back") - who else would it be? If any of the major characters died, that would end the structure that makes this show work. And Jesse has become one of those central characters, so it came down to whats-er-name the FBI agent or Nate, and, once he had the fight with Michael and screwed up twice, it was clear. And the final nail in his coffin was when Michael told him not to engage Anson. Bye-bye, Nate!


I'm of the same opinion like many others that Nate's character didn't add a lot to the Burn Notice storyline. However, I was shocked to see him murdered. I did not see that coming at all. The scene between Mike and his mother was heartbreaking. It's great that Fiona has finally been released from jail and I am looking forward to future episodes of this exciting show!!!


If you ask me, it's really a no brainer that Rebecca was the one that was doing the shooting. She was after Anson for what he'd done to her and her brother. No doubt she knew every move Michael made. She wouldn't set idly by and just wait for this to go down. Nate was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Hopefully, this will move the show away from WHO BURNED ME to something else. It will be interesting to see how the relationship between Michael and his mother may change because of Nate's death and how that could intertwine with his relationship with Fiona.


Did anyone but me notice the 'Ode to Heart of Darkness' when Barry called Sam's launcher his BOOMSTICK?


As to the article stating that Rebecca was the one behind Fi's attempted murder, Rebecca was at the prison guards' house when Sam when taken hostage. So yes, she was behind it. Furthermore, I'm curious to see how the loss of Nate will alter the relationship between michaels mother & the rest of the crew, losing a child is hard no matter what the circumstance, let alone in such a violent & mysterious way.


@ Slobodan The shooter shot THROUGH Nate to get to Anson. Not a scratch.


I didn't like Nate's character either but I didn't want to see him die either...it's sad, the effect it's going to have on all the other characters. It'll be interesting to see where the show goes from here. It's got my attention, that's for sure! This was a great episode. Very emotional.

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Sam: I've been helping you slog through this burn notice crap for how many years and I don't get to be there when you put the wraps on the last bastard standing?
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Fiona: I trust you Michael, but if you let that weasel slip away again I'm going to break out of here just to kick your ass!
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