Castle Season Five Premiere Scoop: A Meaningful Moment

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Castle is aiming to be the anti-Moonlighting.

In a new interview with TV Guide Magazine, series creator Andrew Marlowe said little time will have gone by on the Castle Season 5 premiere when we catch back up with Castle and Beckett and he explains why:

"We think it's important to show the fans what this moment means for Beckett and Castle and how it may change and complicate their relationship."

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Marlowe also makes it very clear that Castle and Beckett will not have engaged in a one-night stand.

He says Moonlighting made a "big mistake" by splitting up its leads so quickly after a similar bedroom romp and his show is "taking a much different approach."

With the mystery of Caskett's future now sort of solved, Marlowe adds that another storyline will come to an end on Season 5: the identity of Beckett's mother's killer.

"We do want to give Beckett some level of resolution," he says. "It's time to move beyond that mystery, but it leads to an explosive confrontation."

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Moonlighting kinda created the jinx about getting the leads together because it really lost its way after the leads got together. But on the other hand that opened up great opportunities for the secondary actors who had absolutely marvelous episodes. There is an old interview with Marlowe somewhere where he talks about Nick and Nora Charles which I think is what he is trying to create. These actors are better than Willis and Shepherd so I can think he can pull it off.


Hey Castle fans, this is Jaclyn connor from wetpaint entertainment. You're probably wondering wether Castle and Beckett will be "in a relationship". Well rest assured that they will be in a steady and fun relationship with loads of flirty banter and road blocks. The main road block is that Kate is scared of being wofe number 3 and castle is scared about screwing this up. Think about it, castle fans! Season 5 is going to be a great season.


There was a couple other interesting comments Marlowe made in his interview to TV Guide. on the non-romantic side,Alexis will keep her internship at the police station even after she moves to her college dorm. Also it was asked if Castle and Beckett will move beyond dating to perhaps marriage and a baby.Marlowe noted not anytime soon! "after two failed marriages,he worries about screwing it up,and she worries about being wife no.3." Nathan and Stana are so talented but so is Marlowe.I just love his work!


anyone can summary of this movie for me please


I gotta admit I am so hooked on Castle!! And I am glad they are finally together......and from watching the show. I can't see the writers doing a "Moonlighting" screw up. They gotta see the fans believe Beckett and Castle are made for each other. I can see fights and agruements....but I think they can make it work. Gotta give the writers a big high five.....they gave the fans what they wanted. Now it is time for Beckett to admit and say those 3 words to Castle!!


Loved Moonlighting probably some of this audience isn't familiar with it-but yes in that show, their hooking up really changed the show not for the best; but that being said- you can't ignore Beckett and Castle's chemistry,
their need for intimacy-and at least in the finale, we finally saw some connection- even though it did seem a little "off" more for Castle than Beckett but it time that something happened between the two of them human- they are human and can't keep playing the same game, can't blame them for getting involved with others either. The other show that had some of the same dynamics was JAG-and I still think it holds up-Hope the Captain in GONE in Season 5 she is terrible


Dear Castle Season 5, GET HERE ALREADY! Best wishes, Every Castle fan


Can't wait!!! when will abc release their schedule!!!


Castle gets better and better every season!! I can't wait for Season 5 and even Season 10. Best show on TV! Someone please explain How in the world Stana "Beckett" Katic....gets more and more Beautiful every season. Nathan "Castle" Fillon is just so Sexy...Beckett 2!!


Already is hands down!

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