Chord Overstreet Promoted to Glee Series Regular

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He started as a recurring player, he left the series entirely for a couple months, but now Chord Overstreet is officially back as a student at William McKinley High school: the actor has been promoted to series regular on Glee.

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The full cast is expected back on Glee Season 4, although only Lea Michele has been confirmed as appearing in every episode.

At yesterday's Television Critics Association panel, producer Ian Brennan said some characters may only show up sporadically as the series shifts between Ohio and New York.

Overstreet will also need to fight for screen time with a couple new stars: Dean Geyer has been cast as a new love interest for Rachel in The Big Apple, while Jacob Artist will come on board as Puck's younger brother.

Glee kicks off a new season on Thursday - yes, Thursday - September 13.

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Actually Chord Overstreet is the king of awesomeness!!!


I have said that I love Sam . And I am so happy that he's a series regular now. SAM'S MY FAVORITE CHARACTOR!!!! I call myself the queen of Awesomeness and he is the King of Awesomeness!!


I hope Dianna Agron will be in a few episodes. Those are the only ones that I'll probably be watching. I want my Quinn/Rachel friendship. I hope RM actually follows through with their metro-pass/keeping-in-touch promise last season. But I won't hold my breath. I'm glad Chord finally got promoted. Took them long enough!


FINALLY! It's been a long time coming. Personally I think he should have been promoted after season two.

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I'm engorged with venom, and triumph.