Christine Baranski Teases "Crisis" to Come on The Good Wife

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It won't take long for the stakes to be raised on The Good Wife Season 4.

In fact, star Christine Baranski told Entertainment Tonight this week that the "crisis" at Lockhart/Gardner will be felt from the moment this drama returns.

The Diane Stare

"There's a big, big seismic shift at the beginning of this season," Baranski says, explaining that the premiere kicks off with Diane in bankruptcy court.

Among the many impressive guest stars on Season 4 - Maura Tierney, Kristin Chenoweth - it's Nathan Lane who will make the biggest impact early on.

He portrays "a trustee to represent the creditors and make sure the firm makes choice that will keep them from going over the cliff," the actress says. "That character has the power to fire people and in the second episode he gets rid of a whole department. There are people, right and left, who are leaving."

Cue dramatic music... and prepare for The Good Wife's return on September 30.

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Waiting in anticipation for Season 4 it's my all time favourite TV show


Couldn't care less about Kalinda either.


Kalinda is my favorite charcter I can't wait to see her storyline the rest I don't care about.


The only two characters I still care about are Cary and Diane. Now, if writers will be able to write something really good for both of them and to solve that "sucking screentime" problem with Cary I'll probably stick with the show because I couldn't care less about Kalinda's storyline which apparenlty will be the main storyline this year.

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