Couples Commentary: Will They? Won't They? Should They?

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When Castle and Beckett hit the sheets - or was it the doorframe? - on the Castle season finale, fans swooned as one of the most popular will they/won't they couples on TV settled on the former: They will. They did.

Bubbling sexual chemistry is a staple of TV, but taking two characters from flirting to bedding has often met with mixed results. 

Will it work out for Castle and Beckett? We'll be glued to the screen this fall to find out. Should these other teetering tandems go all the way? Or remain friends/co-workers? Weigh in now!


Tony and Ziva (NCIS) - They're more than just partners, but not quite a couple. Tony and Ziva, known as Tiva by diehard shippers, have done this dance for several seasons.

Will Tony & Ziva Ever Take The Leap?

Can the kick-ass former Mossad assassin and the quick witted ex-homicide detective figure out how to balance their work relationship with a love connection?  Will this potential couple ever deliver?

More importantly, SHOULD THEY?

Castle and Beckett (Castle) - An entire fandom could be heard screaming in delight at their TV screens last May when four seasons of love and lust culminated with a heated kiss against the door and Beckett's fingers entwined with Castle's as she led him to what we can only assume was his bedroom.

Will coupledom kill their incredible sexual tension? Or bring back the fun, flirty banter that got lost in all of the angst of season four? Castle Season 5 kicks off in September and fans are holding their breath to see what happens as Castle and Beckett start the next chapter of their story.


Jane and Lisbon (The Mentalist) - It's been four long seasons since the tortured con man met the tough but beautiful CBI agent, yet hints at any love connection have been a long time coming. 

Jane & Lisbon Investigate a Surfer's Death

Jane's still emotionally traumatized after his wife and daughter's brutal murder.  Will Teresa Lisbon be the one person who can help end his torment and heal his heart?

With Jane muttering a quick "love you" before pretending to shoot Lisbon and the two holding hands at the end of last season's finale, fans have more hope for this couple than ever before.


Jess and Nick (New Girl)- There's undeniable chemistry between Jess and her snarky bartender/roommate but should their friendship take a turn to romance? 

With CeCe and Schmidt taking over the will they/won't they spot at the end of season one, our guess is that fans will have to wait a while to see Jess and Nick come together but we hope it happens... some day.


Jeff and Annie (Community) -  The show may have never intended these two to be a couple but their obvious chemistry could not be denied. With three seasons of flirtations, hesitation, and jealousy behind them, SHOULD THESE TWO FINALLY TAKE THE HILARIOUS PLUNGE?

Did we forget about burgeoning couples? Vote above on the duos included and then leave a Comment below with pairings you want to see move ahead?

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I don't see it as jealous I see it as a moral code issue if Ziva was a man and Tony was a woman all the woman hear would be doing calling CBS sexist and the womans group would be asking for NCIS to be taken off the air. I just think people are sick of character like Ziva who have the God attuide they think everything somebody eles flaut and that they are perfect. Beside with all that going on in our world right now I just don't see how putting Tony with a woman who see him as nothing more then " A worthless waste of space" a good thing


@ Seleya I think you misread my comment as I never accused you of assaulting the Tiva ship I said your comment provoked Tiva shippers to defend their ship.
Maybe provoked was a strong word but you can't blame anyone but yourself if someone retaliated to you calling them entitled and selfish just because you do not agree with them.


could it be that a couple of people are jealous of ziva thats why they spew so much hate for her,she is perfect for haters go and watch season 1 and 2 leave tiva alone


How is my suggestion for 'subtext only' an assault on your ship? I prefer NO canon ships - I prefer to see the TEAM we came to love, not a Gibbs who suddenly thinks it's ok to lie to him for 5 years, a Tony who is a clueless doormat who needs Ziva to save him, a Ziva who has traded one unrealistic chracterization for another and would like to see anything of the rest of them. Do you really need Ziva and Tony to visibly pair up in order to enjoy your fantasies to the detriment of the show we all supposedly love? With a relationship which is barely civil much of the time and which has been characterized as both physically and emotionally abusive over much of its run, much of the time it seems as if Ziva can barely stand to be in Tony's presence, except when she is making unrequited mooneyes at him. That isn't any form of love I understand and I most certainly am not alone in this.


@LisaMarie It showed Ziva realized Tony had her back and then she almost immediately did not have his in 'Dead Air' [yes, I know McGee was also involved, but they're not trying to pair him up with Tony nor did Tony just risk his life saving McGee] We could go around and around about this - and revisit the same specious circular arguments the Ziva/tony people always resort to. I am done with this 'discussion' except to ask the following:


How is Ziva a self entitled abuser with massive control issues??


The Tiva relationship has been evolving from a flirtation into some more deeper as much as an equally vocal group of fans wish to hand wave it all away. The Rivkin affair and its concluding episodes emphasised the lengths Tony would go to protect Ziva and also showed Ziva she could actually trust someone to have her back. It strengthened their relationship.
CBS and NCIS are obviously doing something right with this show as it is the No. 1 show in America.
As for TV Fanatic's pot stirring, it is comments such as yours which are provoking shippers to defend themselves and their ship.


Continuing @Barb I do think Tony and Ziva have recovered enough to be great friends but personal feeling is the opportunity for the ship has sailed (and that's my personal opinion). I still like Borin best of the women we've seen. Whatever happens - I'll watch whatever the writers decide and still enjoy it. It is just a tv show and I can always enjoy fanon when canon doesn't work for me.


@Barb - You have my Mom's name ; ). That makes me happy. I can see where folks think Abby might be too perfect too. It's been a flaw with NCIS for awhile - they really struggle with writing good female characters (anyone remember Mallison Hart - ugh). It's like they can't seem to make them strong but still leave them with flaws and be likable. As Gibbs says - 'Perfect is boring'. And I certainly don't see Abby as Shirley Temple (unless she had sex in a coffin that no one knows about). I've known many brilliant people like this and they usually come with eccentricities. I only mentioned Abby as a preference over Ziva since they don't have the same conflicted background with each other. I'm not sure how anyone would get over someone being responsible for the death of a loved one - justified or not - enough to trust them as a lover. I do think they recovered enough to be great friends but personal feeling is the opportunity for the ship has sailed (and that's my personal opinion). I still like Borin best of the women we've seen. Whatever happens - I'll watch whatever the writers decide and still enjoy it. It is just a tv show and I can always enjoy fanon when canon doesn't work for me.


I know how much longer I can watch.... I stopped mid season 9 and have no real intention of going back. I close my own personal canon for NCIS at season 6 and make ZIVA dead by her own stupidity. I'm back watching early seasons 1&2 so I can get the love up so I can finish my current NCIS fanfic but that's it. And yes, if Tony did half of what Ziva has done (and been applauded for) the petitions would fill CBS. Abusive relationships are abusive whether the abuser is male or in Ziva's case, female. She is NOT cool; she is a self-entitled abuser with massive control issues.

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