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We all want it. We all got it. Annie and Auggie were sent to Spain on assignment together in "Sound and Vision." But did it live up to our expectations?

There was a moment here or there on the actual mission, but honestly, the best interaction between the two may have occurred before they even started it. Watching them play 20 questions, sitting outside Arthur's office like a couple of high school students in trouble with the principal, might have been my favorite part of the hour.

Auggie & Annie in Spain

It's just the chemistry between the two characters, and how well Piper Perabo and Chris Gorham seem to gel as actors, that is so fun to watch. Take, for example, the banter just before the flight when Annie jabs that Auggie doesn't need a window, and the analyst hits back with the fact this "isn't the first time [Annie's] been under qualified."

That's not to say that the actual mission wasn't entertaining as well. The two of them teaming up for that hand to hand was pretty awesome! I know it's Auggie and Annie, and they're studs, but that guy got absolutely destroyed by a woman and a blind guy. He shouldn't tell anyone about that.

The trip to Spain wasn't without its drama either, as Auggie spilled the beans to Annie that he is planning on asking Parker to marry him. That's pretty quick, fine sir, and like Annie said, hasn't most of this short-lived relationship been long distance? This is an interesting move for Auggie!

What was more interesting was the look on Annie's face when she heard. Was she just shocked? Or was she truly sad? Maybe like some of Covert's shipper fans, Annie always thought that after all the craziness ended, she and Auggie would end up together.

Fortunately for Augs, Annie is a trooper, and will prove to have her best bud's back in any situation... even a proposal to another woman.

The job itself, finding this Red Rover in Spain, wasn't all that interesting - especially on the heels of the story from the season premiere. With all of the recent talk of serialization for season three, I was expecting much more of a continuation of the Simon story. However, it was definitely exciting to see Annie knocking on his door to end the hour, so I'm okay with the decision.

Meanwhile, things got interesting at the home front as well, as Joan, Lena and even Arthur began butting heads the mission. It was Joan who sent Auggie and Annie on this mission, which means she had to steal Annie back from Lena, and take Auggie off of his detail for the OSP. Neither Lena nor Arthur was happy about this, and Joan's difficulty dealing with the loss of her two favorite operatives came to the forefront quicker than even I expected.

With those dynamics heating up in Washington, Annie ending the hour back in Simon's hotel room, and Auggie on the verge of asking Parker to marry him, things are as exciting as ever on Covert Affairs.

What has you most excited? What did you think of "Sound and Vision?" And what was your favorite Auggie/Annie moment of the hour? Let us know in the comments!


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Time for Auggie to move on. I just don't buy him as an agent. He cannot work in the field. And Annie and he are like brother and sister. The show is much better stripped down and focusing on Annie and her cases.


Carlos, read my comment again. To make it clearer, I don't like the idea of a women using sex to get info just as much as I don't like men using sex to get info.


This is one my favorite shows, but I am fed up with the foul language on the show. I can't believe I am watching the USA network anymore. This isn't HBO or Showtime.This is a well written and brilliantly acted show. The foul language is so unnecessary and actually makes the show look unintelligent!


Auggie and Anne are awesome twosome! Cannot wait for them to work together again. Anne's personality changes whenever Auggie comes into picture. I agree with someone who said that Anne is counting on Auggie to always be there for her when all the chaos ends. It is that one stable thing in her otherwise crazy life. She seemed genuinely sad and choked up when Auggie showed her that ring. The case was not so interesting. The power play was fun to watch. I actually liked Joan getting territorial. Can't say I care for Lena just yet. She has to prove her worth as Joan did. Or maybe she's there to just shake things up. Second episode was better than the first.


They show that they can have a interesting case but advance several season long arcs in a meaningful way.


It was a great episode yesterday of my favorite so far. I loved the storyline of Lena, Joan, and Arthur about taking away Annie and Auggie from her and I’m glad she put her foot down and put both of them in her place! I love the dynamic between Joan and Lena curious to know the history of the relationship hopefully we will find out more as the season progresses and Arthur and Henry Wilcox definitely there is something going on between them and that maybe they know more than they led on what happened to Jai! I don’t care for Lena I don’t trust her methods she doesn’t care on the cost of if there is no rules on doing these missions! I trust Joan and I hope Joan kicks Lena’s ass! For some reason I think possible might have involvement in Jai’s death I’m not sure but she recruited Annie after Jai died. What a timing? My favorite from this episode was the Annie and Auggie moments! Couldn’t believe there first fight and Heart breaking moment for Annie finding out Auggie going to marry Parker. My heart break for her. OH man! I love when both of them kicked the bad guys ass. The tender moments put their foreheads together tenderly and when they made up holding each others hand that was cute. Towards the end showing the ring to her for Parker and giving her that big hug oh man Annie was so hurting! My favorite scene pulling her close to him and kissed her hand that was cute she was happy smile on her face.


I'm loving the pace and intensity of the episodes this season. Definitely a huge step up in plot sophistication as well. There are a bunch of parallel long arc story lines this season in addition to the obligatory national security item of the week. I am feeling several 'other feet' that might fall with no notice. For example, we know the Auggie/Parker romance is doomed, but how it ends will have consequences and fallout. The Annie/Simon 'thing' can't be a good thing long term either. Even if he isn't a foreigh agent, it isn't going to end well, and the aftermath could have profound impact on her friendship with Auggie. Danielle's domestic situation hasn't come up again, which suggests it is unstable. I like the character of Lena a lot. She adds so much to the show compared to the character of Jai. If it turns out to be a long term trade, it is definitely a plus. Joan is so territorial it is hurting her chances for success. She stiff arms everybody. Poking at Lena might be a mistake, at least in the short run. I have no clue how long Lena will be in the show, but I hopw it's for at least the full summer season. She adds a lot to the story. Best season yet.


The show has a darker tone to it and I'm enjoying. Anytime I get to see more of auggie I'm pleased. Him in the field the pair of them having their first argument and Annie's reaction to his plan to propose. Great moments. I about cracked up when red rover was changing in front of him and he asked what was going on. Also as petty as it was I loved Joan calling her kiddies back and going toe to toe with Lena.


I really love the Auggie/Annie interactions, that was just plainly genius and they have some really good chemistry. It's also good to know that it appears the writters will be playing with the possibility of them as a couple, though I think it'll take a while before it actually happens, kind of like "Castle". Besides, Auggie doesn't seem to like Annie and I really think he might even get married this season or the next. That is, if Parker doesn't get killed off in the next episode - but that'd be too early to end a love triangle. Something else that I really appreciated were the interactions between Joan and Lena, and I'd like to see more of that and more on why they dislike each other so much. We had a glimpse of Arthur's past in Berlin, now it's time for Joan!


Denise, your comment makes no sense at all, annie is female, her boss is female, and she's sleeping with him to get information, so I don't see where men are using women here, if somebody is using anybody is annie him to get information. And it was make perfectly clear in the premiere that Lena works differently, while most men are told to sleep with their target to get info, the same don't apply to women, if this new way of doing things is showing anything is gender equality, which i'm sure you like ;) About the episode, it was fun to see Auggie and Annie on the field together, they work very well together, but I believe that by now is clear that Annie has feelings for Auggie, lets see how that turns out if Parker does accept the proposal. The Red Rover thingie was bit obvious that the girl was the hacker, it was enjoyable though.

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