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We already know that Criminal Minds Season 8 will look very different, with Jeanne Tripplehorn on board as a new profiler.

And now we know that changes will come on the personal front as well the professional one. Isn't that right, Erica Messer?

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The producer spoke to TV Guide this week and confirmed a major development ahead for Matthew Gray Gubler's character of Reid:

"He's gonna have a love interest," Messer says. "It will be a little arc and it's gonna be good."

An actress for the role has not yet been cast, but Messer teases she'll be introduced on Episode 4 and the two will bond over mutual affection for an author.

How will Reid possibly act when it comes to romance? He shared a kiss with Amber Heard's Lila Archer on Season 1… and that's been it when it comes to matters of Reid's heart.

"I don't know much at this point, but I'm dubious about all of this," says the newly-signed Gubler. "Could you imagine Reid dating? I'm curious to see where this goes. He doesn't know how to date!"

Criminal Minds returns with new episodes on September 26.

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Dr Reid is genuine. Don't botch this up and ruin the show. Also, The new girl, does not belong. She does not fit in BAU Family. Get rid of her, and bring Printess back.Also,We need J.J. To be there for Reid. She always understood and was there for him. Never has put him down when he gets wound up talking so fast. I am not enjoying season 8 as it has taken away too much of the backbone out of the BAU characters. They are Family, for goodness sakes. Concentrate on the different cases they encounter, and leave the characters alone. Once u get them back as they should be, of course.


okay, soooooooo Dr Reid's gonna have a girlfriend? hmmmm i know big brother Morgan is gonna teach him (lol) & look out for him as always. oh, & garcia, jj, the ol' dude who replaced gideon punk a.s.s & prentiss (if she comes back :)) will be making jokes all n love. lol


I think it's a great idea he deserves it....but if it goes to fast and he becomes a player you guys are gonna lose 1 fan. I also agree Erica is gonna ruin the show...BRING PAGET BACK AND STOP BRINGING MORE PEOPLE.....SHE WILL NOT FIT IN BECAUSE SHE DOES NOT HAVE A HISTORY WITH THEM.


Omg! A girlfriend? For REID? Make. It. Happen. NOW!


I want to audition for the part of "Reid's girlfriend" but i have nothing so far... does anyone have any ideas or know where i can get information??Please and thank you in advance!


I like the show but still struggle with the macho, gun-toting stuff (150 guys in riot gear with shouldered rifles and pistols drawn, storming a house occupied by a bookkeeper suspected of having a secret bank account in the Cayman Islands).


I'm very leery about this. I don't want the writer's to ruin the Reid character! He's not a player. He doesn't mess around. If Spencer is going to be in a relationship, they have to take it SLOW! The girl has to make sense for Reid, and she has to be able to really talk to him. They have to build a solid foundation--no one night stands or quick flings! I can see Morgan finding out and wanting to make sure the girl is right for Reid. He can do the big brother thing but then the girl should be able to hold her own in a confrontation with him. But when you get right down to it, I am very worried that the writer's are going to use this as yet another way to make Reid look unprofessional and foolish. They'll have the girl be the unsub or have one of the team expose her as a fraud somehow. Don't go there writer's! It would be refreshing to show that Reid has some common sense when it comes to finding the right girl. I hope the writer's don't just use him for laughs. I hate that they showed Reid up for try and make JJ look good last season. Now, it sounds like the new girl taught Reid about linguistics. The writer's seem determined to take away everything Reid contributes to the team--all his areas of expertise. That's one strike against the new character already in my book. I don't like this! So the writer's have to be very careful about Reid's personal life. They can't just ruin Spencer professionally and personally!


good morning hello


There is a season 9


I think it's a bad idea RIGHT NOW... We just got over losing Paget Brewster, and having to welcome on Jeanne Tripplehorn... Now this! Seriously people? It's too soon! And just what supermodel do they expect to use this time? If they're going to screw up this bad why not use a REAL GIRL to screw up with- NOT someone who looks artificial! Dr. Spencer Reid IS NOT ARTIFICIAL!!! And they'll really be lucky if there is a 9th season after this fiasco... HUGE MISTAKE HUGE!

@ Anonymous

She wasnt a supermodel, duh.

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