CW President Confirms Final Number of Gossip Girl Episodes, Loves Supernatural

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The CW President Mark Pedowitz took the stage this morning at the Television Critics Association press tour and touched on a number of topics related to his network, from showing saying goodbye to shows he hopes say hello in the near future.

Read on for a detailed rundown of the executive's Q&A session with reporters...

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The final season of Gossip Girl will consist of 10 episodes and the network may air a One Tree Hill-esque retrospective. Said Pedowitz: "I'm a big believer in allowing the audience to say farewell to their shows. It’s important for us on this side of the fence to give a satisfactory ending.”

Pedowitz says a Supernatural Season 8 renewal was a "no-brainer" and he's hoping for a ninth season at the very least. He also confirmed that Misha Collins will appear in a minimum of eight upcoming episodes.

Why did The Secret Circle fail? "Not enough good-looking men. Not enough sense of humor."

The L.A. Complex is performing well digitally and Pedowitz plans to air all Season 2 episodes.

Clearly an executive who actually watches his network's programs, Pedowitz said of The Vampire Diaries Season 4: "There's always new cast members and those who are dead can always come back to life."

He would love to see the network air some kind of Hunger Games-like series and has had phone calls about turning the brutal Japanese film Battle Royale into a series.

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I will personally miss GG very much. I thought season 3 and 4 weren't great but I really enjoyed the last season. I wish that it were one more full season.
Supernatural is of course one of my favorite shows. And I did enjoy The Secret Circle. At least the last few episodes. It finally started getting really good and they pulled the plug.
I personally could care less about The LA Complex and 90210. I was coming into my teens during the first 90210. They should've left well enough alone. Do you think that could mean that in 10-15 years a new Gossip Girl will surface. LOL. Sadly if it did, I would probably watch it.


Wow, so CW President Mark Pedowitz isn't a total putzowitz. Supernatural has changed my life! I mean, I was just such an atheist until this show came along. Now I realize that god is just an inconsiderate jerk with delusions of grandeur, satan is a little prig with no control of his own little corner of hell, and that there are worse creatures out there than "beiber screachers". And they will eat you!!! Awesome show. Gotta love the unbelievable, because it is just so believable!!!


Wow, that's not a lot. I was hoping for a full season but with ratings lucky they got a season at all. It was a great show and I'm going to miss it! I hope it ends with Revealing GG! Also Hope for a chair wedding and a little bass!!!!! Maybe a they do a time jump like after the wedding and end it with everyone doing something different and being happy! I hope Serena and Blair stop fighting!


This is one of the best shows I have ever watched. I'm thanking the creators for that. I'm so sad that it's ending, but maybe it's for the best before they ruin it. I'm hoping they'll make something really memorable of this. Something spectacular!


i just hope GG will only guest kristen bell as Gossip Girl!!!pls. pls. pls. writter should make a story line for one episode who and how Gossip Girl become..


one of my favorite show is ending and it hurts but Im glad its ending the writers killed it around two or three seasons ago. no reason storylines and alot of back & forth BS!
I hope it ends well but it wont! too many guest appearances to little time only ten eps. Im not going to watch this season Im going to wait until its over and watch it later.
Maybe they should get new writers and stop hiring new guest stars and storylines that go on for too long and end being nothing. How ever it will always be my favorite
good music
great parties
best fashion
love the actors & actresses.
had good storylines and thank GG for Chair!
Thank GG for Nair too!
I hope it ends with Chair together and everyone being happy!


After the monstrosity season 5 was; we should be glad that there is a season 6, if the writers were talented enough we would have had a full season.Fuc* safran he sucks.


all i gathered from this was... PEDOWITZ


With the way Gossip Girl went last season, fans should be grateful that it even got renewed in the first place. Honestly, I'd rather have 10 good episodes than nothing at all.


I'm so happy that he likes The LA Complex! I hope it gets renewed for season 3!!

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