Dallas Review: And the Real Owner of Southfork Is...

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A few weeks ago I spoke with Patrick Duffy, who mentioned that the new Dallas moved so much faster than the original that it felt as though it covered five episodes worth of story in the span of one hour. He wasn't kidding.

Dallas is a quick, fun ride and you need to hang on tightly if you're going to keep up.

Elena & John Ross Make Up

"Truth and Consequences" picked up exactly where we left off last Wednesday night, with a tearful Rebecca about to tell all to Christopher. And tell all she did. Well, at least a certain version of it.

Did you believe the teary-eyed girl? Was this all her evil brother's ploy and she just got swept along for the ride?

Christopher was certainly quick to kick his dear wife to the curb. I thought that being married would have at least bought Rebecca one serious conversation to try and explain, but Chris was having none of it. He told her to get out and then tore off in his super hot Tesla.

Does Rebecca simply see Annie as the easiest mark to use to gain her way back in to the Ewing clan? Or is she really in love with Christopher? And what will brother Tommy do when he finds out about her secret meetings?

Rebecca's confession was pushed aside rather quickly, though, to make room for the big reveal about who owns Southfork... J.R. pulled it off and I loved how he and Bobby's argument showed where the lines were drawn. Bobby's goal is to honor Miss Eliie and never drill on Southfork. It was her family's land to begin with and he's always had a special connection to his Momma.

On the other hand, J.R. was always Daddy's boy and Jock was all about the oil. As John Ross said in this Dallas quote...

You should have known that JR. wouldn't let two billion barrels of oil slip through his hands. | permalink

It was inevitable that J.R. would fight for it and we all know the only way J.R. knows how to fight is dirty. Just ask John Ross.

Not only did he pull the deal right out from under his own son, he then split town to let John Ross deal with all of the nasty consequences. J.R. was clearly taking advantage of John Ross' need to prove himself because even when John Ross knew Daddy had double crossed him, he still couldn't walk away.

I liked John Ross the most in his dealings with Elena. He looked truly hurt for her when she told him how Christopher tried to pay her off and told her she couldn't be trusted. He really cares for Elena. Unfortunately, his desire to pursue their relationship led him to lie to her and there's no way that won't come back to haunt him.

And as angry and disappointed as I was in Christopher for his treatment of Elena last week, he redeemed himself a little by choosing not to show Elena that DVD. It was the decent thing to do. Perhaps there's hope for Christopher yet.

I was surprised by Annie's choice to go see her sleazy ex. I'm sure Bobby had no idea and he won't be pleased when he finds out. Annie seems like such a good person. How did she end up married to such a creep? Just the thought of that hug made my skin crawl.

So do you think John Ross will succumb to Christopher's blackmail and turn on J.R.? Will Christopher move closer to the dark side despite Bobby's pleas? How long will John Ross and Elena last and does Rebecca have any chance of remaining Mrs. Ewing?


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I love John Ross with Elena hopefully the writers will not wrecking this couple, not everything will be plain sailing, but Jonh Ellen Ross looks at a way that does not Christopher.


I love John Ross for Elena. He was heartbroken for her when he found out that Chris tried to buy her off. He could've smerked when they hugged but he didn't. Sometimes we lie to keep who we love. His motives were good he just didn't want to lose her again. Chris is a weakling and doesn't deserve Elena. John Ross is the man for her because he'll do whatever it takes to make her happy. She'll always be his love.


But anna, John Ross wasn't actually cheating on Elena because they had broken up when he was sleeping with Marta. Although Marta's crazy and it wasn't smart to get involved with her, I can't say he cheated. Lying to her at the end was definitely wrong but I think he was desperate not to lose her again so he lied. It wasn't right but I understand why he did it.

Anna maria

I hate John Ross!How could he lie to Elena's face and how could she believe him! I'm so mad at Chris for being an idiot to her for no reason! He only had to say that he didn't ant any thing with her just with his wife! Instead, he drove her right into the arms of that maniac..I think Chris should have shown her the tape or if that was too much, at least told her he cheated on her with Del Sol, she deserved to know what a bastad he is..


I think J.R. is doing all of this because he knows Bobby is dying. But, not in the way most people think. J.R. knows what his reputation is. He knows people assume the worst of his motives, including Bobby. What he is doing, in his own twisted way, is to try and keep his brother alive by making him fight for Southfork. When Bobby went to see J.R., I think J.R. was the first person he told about his cancer diagnosis. And, I think that was what pulled J.R. out of his catatonia; not John Ross telling him about oil on Southfork. J.R. really loves Bobby, and I think we'll find out by episode 10 that he believes if Bobby directs all his energy toward fighting him, like in the old days, Bobby just have time to lay down & die of cancer. J.R.'s motives have always been more complex than he lets on.


As J.R said , EWING OIL is back in business !! I want more J.R /SUE ELLEN and J.R /Cliff
Nowadays I'm watching dallas from the beginning, I'm in season 5, this show is amazing the best ever made


I wish J.R takes over southfork and pump the oil! He has it!


I'm loving Dallas. I'm also loving John Ross. He's in a pickle right now. I sure hope that he doesn't give into Christopher's blackmailing. He definatly needs his daddy's help right about now.


How can you set there and say Christopher did the right thing by NOT showing Elena that DVD? It might have put gas on the fire as far as Christopher and Elena BUT it would have shown Elena that she STILL CANNOT trust John Ross. I definitely think before it's over Elena WILL see the DVD. The feud for Southfork and JR's and Bobby's dialog reminds me of them the first go round. This time though, Bobby is not as naive and is going to put up a fight. It's going to be bigger because of Christopher and John Ross being involved too. It's going to be a while before Christopher forgives Rebecca. I'm hoping he finds that tracer thing on his computer. I'm loving this new version of Dallas!!!!


I love John Ross and hate Christopher.I also never expected that to happen.

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