Falling Skies Review: A Ruined Reunion

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This episode of Falling Skies most definitely did not do it for me.

Whereas last Sunday's "Compass" delved into the relationship between the show's most interesting characters, Tom Mason and John Pope, "Young Bloods" focused on ancillary individuals, trying way too hard to make us care about them through contrived storylines and forced emotional moments.

Captain Weaver

I'm a big fan of Will Patton and his Captain Dan Weaver. And I'm all for softening the character a bit, although I'd argue the show has already accomplished this feat via last year's return to his former apartment in Boston, last week's farewell to Jimmy and just Weaver's overall reaction to being in charge of the Second Mass.

We didn't need yet another blatant attempt here to depict Weaver as more than just a gruff leader. The reunion with his daughter felt shoved down our throat and anything but natural to the ongoing storyline.

Sure, it makes sense to slow down the action sometimes. Every scene in every episode can't be based around Skitter attacks or Mach ambushes. The characters at the heart of the story will always serve as more of a pull than the bullets they fire.

But this was just too much and, more importantly, too random. It was too transparent on the part of the writers, as if we were inside their offices and could hear their debate: Hmmm... how can we tug at the heartstrings of viewers? Let's reunite Weaver with his daughter! And then pull them apart again! No one will see it coming!

At least we're familiar with Weaver, though, and are aware of his plight. The same certainly can't be said for Lourdes. I'm sorry, but the scenes between her and Jamil were simply laughable. The show can't make me care about a character we scarcely know - and, in Jamil, a character we don't know at all - simply because she learns her family is dead and then cries a lot. That's just lazy writing.

Really, is anyone out there on Team Jourdes? See, they don't even have a fun couple nickname!

Overall, a clunker of an episode. That's allowed, especially following three terrific hours to kick off Falling Skies Season 2. I can at least end this review on a positive note: the special effects team is on fire.

First, the bug operation on Tom's eye. Now, the up-close look at how the harnesses are formed. Very cool, very grotesque shots. They'll be staying with me for awhile. I just hope to forget about everything else from this overwrought hour of television.


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Anyone else think that these are the most un-advanced alians you've ever seen? You'd think they would have something more fancy to create their bugs than some old factory. Also what was up with all that moaning and screaming? Even the little kid didn't make all that much noise.


When coming to your 2.5 star rating I'm guessing you review this episode in a bubble and don't compare anything (pacing, script, camera work, dialogue) with the tripe that were the episodes of last season? Sure, the relationship between Weaver and his daughter felt rushed, but in a 10 episode season (unlike the 24 episodes TV used to give shows) what type of relationship development are you expecting? It's like saying you'd expect the same pace of character development on Battlestar Galactica if they had the same number of episodes per season. The ONLY problem I had with tonight's episode was what you complained about, but I felt everything else worked so well I was able to overlook it. You can see that the writers have been trying to make Weaver more "human" this season. I'm ok with that. Even it it feels rushed. The rest of the shows production value is so much better than it was last season I can overlook that little transgression. Makes up for the father deciding to get on a ship and leave his 3 sons without BOTH their parents. Yeah, THAT would happen.


Crap episode.


I agree mostly the effects are awesome. But I don't know why they had weaver reunite. With his daughter last week he basically lost his son. And now his daughter comes back just too leave . I think they are just trying to get him back on drugs. They tried fitting way to much in this episode. I just hope the show gets back on track next week. Also I hope pope comes back soon.


I agree the affects were top notch. Seeing how the Skitters do their harnaas thing was pretty cool. After seeing the commericals i feared Matt might get harnaased but thankfully was not. The end though was very Days of our Lives. Please bring back Pope to save teh 2nd Mass!!!!

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