Gossip Girl Caption Contest 215

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A pair of beauties and one overwhelmed Nate highlighted this week's Gossip Girl Caption Contest, as readers provided us with a dozen entries from which to choose.

In the end, Dee1 came out on top for the submission below, which is totally something we can imagine Nate saying/thinking. Then again, it's hard to feel too badly for the guy in this situation, isn't it?

Thank you very much to all who participated and let's make a deal, shall we? We'll post a new edition next Friday and you'll jump in to play again. Okay? Okay!

Is the Jig Up For Charlie?

Nate: Whoa. Maybe I overdid it with the pot today. Which one of you am I hooking up with again these days…?

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serena: my hair is the shiniest ivy: no mine is shinier serena: no mine is ivy: no mine is ! nate: ladies ladies your both wrong mine is the shiniest!


Nate: Wait, so if Lola is "Serena Lite", then what does that make you, Ivy?
Ivy: "Charlie on the rocks".


Ivy: now repeat after me a b c d e f Serena: that's wrong the alphabet goes q w e r t y Ivy: I give up I'm off to see who else I can pretend to be


ivy: im so much hotter than you serena: oh no you didnt! nate hold my purse!


nate (thinking) all i see is blonde and boobs if anything pops up i have this jacket to cover it up


Nate: Whoa. Maybe I overdid it with the pot today. Which one of you am I hooking up with again these days…?


Nate: Forgot my contacts, all I can see is blonde hair and cleavage…Ah, must be in Rhodes territory.


Serena: Ivy, seriously, you should leave the UES asap!!!
Ivy: But why? I thought we're friends now. I even joined your scheming..
Nate: Listen Ivy, for 5 years Serena and I still couldn't decide who has the shinier hair between us.. And your presence makes it even more complicated..


Ivy: Wow, Serena. Your dress is interesting... it's like fifty shades of Magenta Serena: I thought it was " Fifty Shades of Grey." Nate: Great book. Ivy: You have actually read a book? Serena: He doesn't have to... I'm going to be in the movie.


Ivy: "Serena, I was going to wait until the last season to tell you, but CeCe and I are lovers. We're very happy together." Nate: "But, she was next on my Cougar To Do list!" Serena: "Nate, you can't do that! Stomping on our friends is MY story line this season!"

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