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Ivy: I just heard that next season, one of your characters will get axed.
Serena: Why?
Ivy: Well, the writers figured you both pretty much do the same things every season, so the audience wouldn't notice one of you disappearing.
Nate: But I sleep with elder women and Serena's relatives.
Serena: Yeah, and I sleep with elder men and Nate's relatives.
Ivy: Like I said, you guys pretty much DO the same things every season.


Ivy: So if you get drawn from the lottery, you have to go into an arena for a death match with the other tributes. She volunteers for the games to protect her sister.

Nate: Is this for real?

Serena: I feel so bad for them. We should start a Charity! I can plan the fundraiser tomorrow.

Nate: Sounds good. I'll go look for my date!

Serena: I'll go buy a dress.

Ivy: Um guys... oh never mind. Another UES party and possible plot line for me!

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