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Great job,plec.Another new character is what this show needed!!! I can't stand this woman.So saint elena will try to take care of this girl? that bitch should try to take care of her own friends. Just saying


I wanted this character to be played by Mackenzie Rosman! Disappointed! :(
this girl looks beautiful, but didn't saw her act!


So basically they COMPLETELY fucked up Meredith by adding Melissa last season(sorry refusing to call her meredith, AT ALL) and now they are retconing EVEN MORE stuff to add this character who is closer to what Meredith SHOULD have been, but most likely will suck just as much as Melissa does.


It almost feels like this is the meredith that's not meredith fell. since there is no storyline that i can possibly think of that meredith fell can bring to the show, doubt she'll last lost.

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