Grey's Anatomy: Casting For Two New Surgeons

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It's unclear exactly when Grey's Anatomy Season 9 will pick up relative to where May's finale left off, but the show is now casting for two new surgeons in the wake of this spring's tragic death and departures.

Two new surgeons to be hired at Seattle Grace Mercy West this season:

  1. Dr. Parker, described as an elite physician in his 40s or 50s
  2. Dr. Mel Barnett, a slightly younger surgeon than Parker

And then there's this additional casting note: Seattle Grace is reportedly looking for two medical professionals, a man and a woman, who are “smart” but “not Hollywood handsome / pretty.”

No word on how regular these characters will be, or how they will fit in with the main cast, but we welcome your theories, as well as thoughts on who you think should play them, below!

A Bright Shade of Grey

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Ga addict13

@Dizzy That's the point of this site - people who love the show and maybe, yes we can go overboard, but that's half the fun. Plus if you feel that way, why be on here, let alone comment? Leave us true fans to our obsession in peace!!!!!


Dizzy you ass get outta here


por favor que no salga Arizona ni Marck...
y por favor que no se acabe esa serie, que si bien todo es ficticio, segun un comentario anterior, no cabe duda que que se asemeja mucho a la vida real... y lo mejor es que nos hace pensar en todo nuestro mundo cotidiano... laboral y personal...


You people take Grey's Anatomy way too seriously. It's a TV show it ain't real okay? Get a life or go play with your Barbie dolls. Lol


New Castings? Great! When are they getting killed in a crash, getting cancer, thrown in front of the bus or sent to some other hospital? :P Where as older cast members coming back, No chance for Burke anyway! ABC went through a lot of drama and network has a lot of say in who to bring back! Izzie - now that Lexie's gone, show needs a little Bright and Shiny factor (No! April is too annoying to be Bright and Shiny) - besides that Alex NEEDS a proper girlfriend, no that weep Morgan intern! Shonda and HGeigl should talk their issues out and put the shows original cast on (as much as they can - No George though :/ )


Well these two docs could be a new head of cardio (the elite Dr Parker) and a replacement(Dr Barnett) for Arizona who is going to need several months of recovery time from her injuries. I hope they're not being prepared to become season regulars, but just make up the attending gaps that have been left following the plane crash.
I wonder if they'll cast actors who are well known?


Oops just finishing reading the comments, Scott is just more eye candy for Thursday nights come September he will be appearing in 'Last Resort' which airs before Grey's Anatomy.


Just read on another site Scott Speedman from Last Resort will be joining the cast of Grey's Anatomy in the Fall/September. When do we start our countdown to September, personally it can't get here fast enough.


Owen is going to have to come up with a new cardio god whether Cristina stays or not. The won't need a new neuro head or plastics head if Derek and Mark survive. Leave of absence people. Burke did it after he was shot and he wasn't replaced. I do agree, though, that the cast is large enough when it comes to regulars. Characters get very little face time as it is now, it would only be worse with more people. And Julia truly needs to go bye-bye. She started off kind of interesting but she's just kind of creepy now. Who does fertility testing without consulting the other participant first? I do hope that season 9 picks up on that mountain so that we can see the rescue, then the reunions back in Seattle. I'd feel cheated if we didn't get to see that.


Iknow it will never happen but it would be great to see Burke come back, even in a guest role for a few episodes. Fun dynamic to watch him with Cristina and with Crowen being sidelined. But Cristina was pretty ticked at him when he didn't mention her when he won that award, plus he was fired so I imagine there is still bad blood there. Izzie does not need to come back, but if she does, she could replace Lexie's spot. She would have been a year behind the rest of the interns because of her cancer treatment, but Heigl ran her mouth a good bit, so I'm guessing Shonda might be still ticked at her too. My last SL idea would be for Mer/Der to get pregnant and Addy to have to fly in to deliver her baby before she leaves Shondaland for good. Poignant and great TV fare to watch.

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