Grey's Anatomy Season 9: The First Promo!

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ABC has released the first promo for Grey's Anatomy Season 9.

And while the video mostly just takes us back through the carnage that resulted from the Grey's Anatomy Season 8 finale, it should still get fans rather excited and intrigued for the aftermath to come this fall.

See for yourself:

This is what we know so far about Season 9...

  • Gaius Charles will recur as a new doctor at Seattle Grace.
  • At least one other surgeon - an older, elite physician - will also be added to the cast.
  • Chyler Leigh, of course, will not be back as Lexie.
  • The return of Eric Dane as Mark Sloan is not guaranteed.

Are you excited for the upcoming season, Grey's Anatomy fans? Did the May finale leave you newly energized for life in Seattle? Or has the death of Lexie soured you forever on this drama?

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and here i was all excited that there was an article for season 9. All it was was a con.... truly heartbroken


Come On!!! this is not a promo for season 9!! its like a recap promo.. Eric dane is not guaranteed... oh my gosh they're just killing us
Can't even give us a date...


The return of Eric Dane as Mark Sloan is not guaranteed??????WTF??????


I really really really hope Mark dies or just go away.


If Mark dosent die, maybe he'll leave for something else. He may need to recover from the plane crash and take sometime away from the hospital or maybe he'll go insane and end up in a mental hospital like that other girl.


Eric Dane can't leave the show. He needs to stay. I love his character and he can't leave Grey's. Him and Derek together are so funny and we already have one death I can't deal with another. The only good thing that couldhappen with his death is that him and Lexie will be together.


I would be really disappointed if Eric Dane did not return - Mark is a great character. He has had some great scenes over the years & funny ones too!!! Love him with Derek AND Sophia - he really has turned out to be a terrific Dad. Poor little Sophia if her Dad dies ... will be sad - only he can be the Dad even though she has two loving Moms ...

Leigh r

I don't wanna lose McSteamy after Lexie, but I will say I'm so pumped about Gaius Charles!!!!


Waiting for the new season. Will miss Lexiebut I hope that Mark is OK, I love his scenes with McDreamy, especially when they have their daughters with them. What a change in both men.


makes me really sad to think of them moving on without Lexie. still heartbroken that she's gone for good :'(

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