Happy 30th Birthday, Paul Wesley!

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Paul Wesley celebrates a milestone today, as The Vampire Diaries star turns 30 years old.

Unsure what to get for the actor? How about a vote? He trails Jensen Ackles by a significant margin in the semifinals of the Tournament of THG. Only your mouse clicks can change that outcome.

Wesley is back to Atlanta this week to continue filming The Vampire Diaries Season 4, so send him your best wishes and remember to circle October 11 on your calendar. That's when Stefan and compare return with new episodes!

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Watching this video on Paul was truly amazing. I admire him so much as a cool actor and I wish him a Happy Birthday!!!! You're an amazing guy Paul and I can't wait to see more of your actions when season 4 comes. =D


Happy Birthday!! you're a good actor and I love your innocent looking eyes!
TVD would be lost without you, can't wait the season 4!


Omg! Happy Birthday for yesterday!!!!! Can't wait to see you on The Vampire Diaries! Your the best! I love you!

Lord of winter

Happy Birthday Paul much love and respect.


Happy Birtday Paul Wesley.


Happy Birthday Paul Wesleu I LOVE YOU ♥


happy birthday good vampire.., plz dnt be rude like klaus

Stefan salvatore stalker sisters

hApPy bIrThDaY Paul Wesley!
We Heart You!
Always and Forever,
Stefan Salvatore Stalker Sister
Til Stake Do Us Part


Happy birthday Paul..!!! God bless u.. i love u


Happy Birthday Paul!

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