Jane By Design Review: Home Alone

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Being left home alone is the dream of all teenagers, right?

Jane not only has a kick-ass job and attends school, but then is left on her own to play. And in "The Sleepover" we find out that means ice cream, horror movies and all-nighters with her best friend, Billy.

Jane In London

Not only is Jane hiding her age from work, and her job from school, now she is hiding the fact that she is living alone. That means easily lying to Ben, but the real threat is from Rita.

Given Jane's commitment to school and work, she couldn't get into much trouble and she didn't... unless you count the messy house. But when Billy suggests that they throw a party, Jane is all for it. That had disaster written all over it.

The real conflict was between Billy and Zoe. He apologized for his jealousy of Nick and Zoe accepted it, until ... she found out about Jane and the sleepovers. Oops.

The sleepover situation between Jane, Billy and Zoe is a tough one because none of them are wrong. While Jane and Billy have been having sleepovers for years, it would only make sense for Billy's girlfriend to not be a fan of them. It was a no-win situation.

Billy did his best to resolve the issue by asking Nick to take the lead in the play again. But that wasn't the answer that Zoe wanted. In the end, Billy declared his feelings for Zoe, but never said he wouldn't continue to stay over at Jane's house. Would Billy be able to give up his relationship with Jane for Zoe? I don't think so, but that also doesn't mean he doesn't care about Zoe. It's complicated.

Unfortunately, Jane had to miss her party to head to London to try and convince Jeremy to come back to Donovan Decker with his designs. If he didn't, the collaboration with Harrods was off. That meant failure for both Gray and India.

Jane was successful in finding Jeremy, but all he had for her was an apology. While it made sense for him to leave the business that caused him to lose himself, it was a shame he was giving up something he was so well-suited for. Could Jane change his mind? It's doubtful in time to save the deal. What will this mean for Jane and her future at Donovan Decker?

Jane may or may not have a job, but she won't have a boyfriend. Eli and India hooking up was so ... unexpected. And, wrong. Jane's lie hurt Eli, but for him to jump into bed with India so quickly showed his lack of character. Jane has not had the best luck with men. Perhaps, Billy really is the only one for her.

What surprised you the most: Eli hooking up with India? Jeremy refusing to come back? Or Billy and Zoe making up?

Next Tuesday is the finale. Will Jane and Billy finally become more then friends? Or do you want him to remain with Zoe?


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GMG really Billy you pick Zoe. Jane is soo much better you know her more too. Plus if you hook up with Zoe you will lose Jane again and do u really like that. I know I wouldn't. I hope you change your mind Billy in the next season


Billy and Zoe need to be together. Jane an Billy is SUCH a cliche! I deff think that Eli deserves a second chance. Everybody does. It was all so crazy around Donovan and Decker, and Jane kinda sorta hurt him and let him down, I really think he feels awful. He is a good man who made a mistake! Everybody makes mistakes. They can be forgiven. That's all I have to say.


I really liked this episode. I've always been a fan of Jane by Design, and I think that the second half of this season has been better than the first. The reason why I think the writers made Eli a huge jerk was because they're trying to slowly push Jane and Billy together. I don't think they should have her do that by default, though. She should be able to choose on her own. I liked her with Nick at the beginning, but I was very happy when I saw Jeremy return. I liked them better off as friends, but now, I think something might happen between the two. Or at least I want it to. Can't wait until the finale! Hopefully it gets renewed for a second season.


Jane and billy are inlove! simple and shrt n der ment to b togeder so pls d writters shud look 4 a way to make dt happen asap!!!!!!!! cus iknw it eventualy will. n pls ireally hope dere is a season 2!


It's a little difficult to accept the "cheating" argument when Jane and Eli aren't at all together. Attraction doesn't always mean exclusivity in the beginning.
Plus, it doesn't help that the audience knows she's supposed to be a minor so I doubt the writers will really push for a full-scale relationship.
I do wish the writers had done something else than have Eli and India in the same bedroom.


I cannot believe Eli cheated! He seemed such a good guy! And I really enjoyed the chemistry between him and Jane. Ps. does anyone know if the show is going to be renewed for another season, or next Tuesday's finale is going to be the last episode?


I lost respect for Zoe. I have a problem with people who enter a relationship knowing certain things about a person and then spending their time holding that against them. She knew how close Billy and Jane are. If she can't handle it that's on her. If anything she's making them re examine something they've always done and the feelings behind it by making such a big deal out of it. I liked her and Billy together up until this episode. I didn't realize I'd be so pleased to see Jeremy again. I love the friendship between he and Jane. I was disappointed with the Eli thing and how quickly and easily it happened. I also liked the not as prevalent focus on the work stuff.


The SL are so stupid. Why did Eli cheat? I liked the dynamic between him and Jane. This cheating thing is so repetitive.


I feel cheated by the writers, how are you going to make Eli this great guy for Jane and then have him sleep with india, thats just wrong and like someone mention its the same thing that happen to jane in the second to last ep. before the season finale. Like someone said below me about Rita moving in with Jane, I really like that idea, I hope she does that be fun but I think billy will just tell Rita, that Jane and her mom went to london and so he made a party without them knowing. I kinda want Nick and Jane back, idk why the writers made him cheat with LULU.


I really hope that billy did not sleep with zoe..as for eli and india just wow..although I can't fault him too much cuz I was wondering how much of janes bs he was gunna put up with..that was still wrong of him tho

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Jane By Design Season 1 Episode 17 Quotes

Jane: Are were really going to do this?
Billy: Come on, Janey. We're teenagers. We have to do this.

Billy: I'm sorry, Zoe.
Zoe: You're forgiven, Billy.