Lost Girl Review: Dark Fae Delight

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Good news: Bo and Ryan are still hooking up. Bad news: they are still hooking up. At least for Kenzi and her boyfriend, Nate.

In "Table for Fae," Lauren and Nadia were still out and about, but Kenzi finally returned... although, due to her and Bo's romantic entanglements, their relationship went from laughs and banter to somewhat estranged.

Will Bo Be Changed?

The double date was awkward right from the beginning. The hostess eying Bo was creepy, though that did have a happy ending. And, then Ryan taking control and ordering funky food for them to eat. Did you catch the Fae slip about the 1940s bottle of wine? Nate seemed confused, but never made an issue of it at least.

Ryan did try to make it right with his seemingly heartfelt apology, but then he got The Morrigan involved. Bad move, man. The Morrigan offered Nate his dream of a music contract, but Kenzi couldn't let him go through with it.

Kenzi's deal with The Morrigan is a scary one. She must really love Nate to agree to give The Morrigan a favor. That's more dangerous than the Nate's recording deal ever would have been. Didn't Kenzi learn anything from Dyson's deal with the Norn? Deals like that in the Fae world never end well.

That simple double date led to doom for both of the girl's relationships. Will Nate be able to over come the rejection and stay with Kenzi? I doubt it. It will be too much for him to handle. Kenzi would have lost him anyway if he signed with The Morrigan, but at least she won't feel any guilt about his future.

And, Kenzi's rejection of Ryan for being Dark Fae was not as detrimental to Bo's relationship with Ryan, but in the long run Bo will make the decision to let him go. He may be fun for now and bring her a beautiful hostess as a gift, but ultimately Bo will choose Kenzi over Ryan. He was cute while it lasted.

The introduction of Ryan has been important for Bo's understanding of the Fae world. He was honest with her about the Dark and Light Fae. While she may be unaligned officially, she definitely has a loyalty to the Light Fae over the Dark. She sees the Dark as the more inhumane side, will Ryan's comment about The Ash imprisoning Lauren change her feelings about the sides? Even though Bo didn't indicate that she was surprised by that reveal, she is sure to follow up on it.

She will work to bring down the Garuda with The Ash and Trick, but after that, will she remain unaligned? Or, will she pick a side?

Odds and Ends

  • The Fae problem of the week didn't provide any insight into the bigger problem happening in the Fae world. It did though bring up the differences in moral code between Bo and Ryan.
  • Bo's determination that the human victims be rejuvenated first showed her compassionate side. Not one that Ryan shares.
  • Dyson. Poor Dyson. He is still suffering from his deal with the Norn. I don't like this angst-filled Dyson. He isn't any fun at all.
  • Hale has become Dyson's punching bag. I miss the Hale-Kenzi interactions.
  • I know there are a lot of Lauren-Bo fans out there that have seen all of season 2. I can't wait to see what has you on Team Doccubus, but I haven't missed her at all while she's been off with Nadia. (No spoilers in the comments, please.)


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RE: Syfy - They don't promote the triangle. The Lost Girl website on Syfy showcases Bo/Dyson/Kenzi as the leads - huge contrast to its Canadian and original version, showcasing the ensemble cast and the love triangle. Syfy MODIFIED Lauren's character description from the original, and not in a good way. There isn't a Lauren wallpaper on the Syfy website. On Showcase? You have a "Team Lauren" gallery. I could go on and on. No one is making that up, you are free to check for yourselves. A casual viewer of the show wouldn't question its promotion. A casual viewer isn't even aware the show is being edited. A casual viewer assumes this is a "Syfy original". A casual viewer certainly wouldn't invest in something the network neglects to promote or acknowledge at all. It does matter and it does impact how the show is perceived.


I too watch the show on Syfy but it's my second viewing as I watched season 2 along with Canadian viewers. And, trust me, it matters how Syfy promotes the show to its audience. Had Showcase not promoted the triangle and both Dyson and Lauren as viable love interests, people would have never invested in Bo and Lauren as a couple. When did a bisexual woman ever got the girl in the end? The answer is never. Lost Girl is depicted as a groundbreaking show because it is there to break that mold. What you get from Syfy and the US press is the complete opposite of what you get from Showcase and Canadian/International press.


I root for Bo/Lauren and I watch the show on Syfy US. I don't know if what people say about Syfy is true but I personally don't think it matters much. Once someone watches the show, they know the story and can decide who they like. Granted I discovered the show not long ago and didn't watch season 1 on Syfy. So I don't know if the parts that got cut affected how people here perceive the Lauren character. When Syfy first picked up the show it was the actresses for Bo and Lauren who came to the States to promote it. So it was only fair that it was Dyson and Kenzi's turn at Comic Con. The interviewers who thought Kenzi was the only human among the main characters simply didn't watch the show. Never mind them.


She was only "in a handful of episodes" in season 1 (8 out of 13), because Zoie Palmer had a recurring role. She is a regular now (19 out of 22) and has been since the beginning of season 2 (name in opening credits, check - or did Syfy edit that out too?) and only missed 2 episodes in a row because she was working on something else at the time. KHR was also MIA in 2 episodes (2.06 and 2.19) and even Ksenia Solo took a short break (2.14), so that's hardly an excuse. It all goes back to Syfy neglecting to promote the gay character and/or relationship so US viewers assume Lauren is nothing but a diversion, when she is anything but. It is no wonder US viewers are the ones who don't seem to get just how important and viable the character of Lauren really is when reality is that she is a fan favorite character and the Bo/Lauren relationship puts Bo/Dyson to shame as far as popularity goes. Something wrong with this picture.


Once again, I completely agree with the reviewer. Cannot stand Ryan. I did like him in the first episode, but he was so skeevy in this episode. I really like Kenzie and nate but I'm afraid this episode will mark the beginning of the end for them. Poor Kenzie (that promise will also come back to bite her in the ass, I'm sure)..I love her chemistry with Hale, so hopefully that will be back. And I should stay out of this discussion, but I have to say that I don't miss Lauren's character either. I just don't see the chemistry. I want to, but I don't. And I am not homophobic at all. Part of the reason I initially tuned into this show was because I heard about the triangle and how one side was a same sex couple, and a strong one at that. I think part of the problem is that Lauren is absent from so many episodes. How can I root for a character who is only in a handful of episodes each season? It's really frustrating. I'm still hopeful though that the rest of this season changes my mind about Lauren. I love this show, so I'm in it for the long haul no matter course the triangle takes. I do hope that with Lauren becoming a series regular next season that we see more of her. and I also want to see the end of bitchy Dyson. It's getting old and I really do not want to see him acting like such a jerk to Hale, one of my absolute faves (he also needs more storylines where he can shine!) Can't wait to see the rest of the season!


While life and death decision shouldn't be made on the results of internet polls they are tools to be used and listened to because they are one way that the fans communicate to TPTB and one thing I love about Lost Girl is how vocal the fans are – regardless of who your favourite character is. Yes the way Lost Girl casually approaches sexuality/sexual orientation is refreshing, but any work this does to help the LGBT community to gain the same acceptance is undone by the way some people/networks/reviewers obliterate it.


So I'm classy - I'm sorry, maybe I should have said she was a lacklustre reviewer who does nothing for me. For the record I love all the actors AND all the characters on the show. I do prefer Doccubus but if Bo was to end up with Dyson I'm fine with that (depending on how they make it happen). My issue is with the tendency for Lauren and her relationship with Bo to be glossed over and for some people/networks/reviewers to pretty much pretend Lauren and Doccubus don't exist. Zoie and Anna have unbelievable chemistry that is surely impossible to miss – even for the most homophobic of viewer. If you don't like Lauren I don't really care, but that doesn't mean you need to be disrespectful to the actress (while happily calling out other people for their opinions). For me, if you don't like Lauren, it is only assumed you're close-minded and homophobic by the way you behave. While life and death decision shouldn't be made on the results of internet polls they are tools to be used and listened to because they are one way that the fans communicate to TPTB and one thing I love about Lost Girl is how vocal the fans are – regardless of who your favourite character is. Yes the way Lost Girl casually approaches sexuality/sexual orientation is refreshing, but any work this does to help the LGBT community to gain the same acceptance is undone by the way some people/networks/reviewers obliterate it.


i would love to see Bo and Lauren get their shit together again,if there is hate sayings about it going around people will get over it if they love the show as much as i do,its not about being a lesbian or bisexual its about 1 its about love and not afraid to show it.there is so much hate in this world love should be spread around more no matter how or with who.


@interesting... Well said. Bo is bi-sexual. Her relationship with Lauren is just as valid. It matters just as much as any emotional investment Bo may make. Bo loves Lauren... completely. She's not just a side thing yet Lauren many times gets the brush off -- from Syfy particularly but in other reviews as well. It's really a shame because Lauren has THE MOST compelling storyline of anyone on the show. Anna & Zoie's chemistry is through the roof. If Syfy and others refuse to indulge in this beautiful love story because it's "uncomfortable" for them, they are truly missing a big part of what makes Lost Girl so great. BTW... I'm also straight and I love Doccubus. For a 1000 yr. old wolf, Dyson has a lot of growing up to do.


"One correction about the Syfy edits. What was taken out for time (90 secs) was decided by the Lost Girl producers, not the network."
Syfy still dictates how they promote the show in the US. They even modified Lauren's character description on their website from the original (Showcase) and kept everyone else's intact. All regular characters but Lauren have their own wallpaper, you hardly ever see a sneak peek where Lauren is featured and, well, all promotional images, banners and promos running throughout other shows consist of Bo/Kenzi/Dyson. It is biased and it definitely contributes to a general misconception regarding Bo's love interests and her own sexuality.

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