Nina Dobrev vs. Rachel Bilson: It's a Rap-Off!

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We know Nina Dobrev and Rachel Bilson can act. They entertain us weekly on The Vampire Diaries and Hart of Dixie, respectively.

But did you know each of these talented young women can also rap?

Bilson proved her hip hop mettle in the following hilarious video, attacking her critics via rhymes and moves we didn't know she had in her:

And now Dobrev has also shown off a grittier side in a new Funny or Die skit, teaming up with actor Nick Braun to send a very important message... about suntan lotion. Watch below and then compare the stars in our poll:

So... who is the better rapper?

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wow! Rachel was soooooo much better!!! I love her!


Bethel & Porter were hilarious in Rachel's video. She wins hands down! Did Wilson Bethel really write the song?

David and sabrina 2014

If Nina was in any kind of contest,I would definitely pick her as the winner and I support her a lot. I can't wait for season 4 of TVD. =)


Rachel Bilson is sooooooo much better than Nina!Ask Mischa Barton,lol!:P


Oczywiście że Nina Dobrev ;D


The writing for Bilson's (thanks to the talented Mr Bethel) makes the song that much better


Rachel Bilson but Kat Graham beats them both. However I not sure if Black & Jewish is funnier than Call Me Doctor. But mad props to Bilson for spitting the whole thing on her own.


Rachel! get a pap smear with an oven mitt bitch!


its just not sounds like the voice of nina???


Rachel Bilson is better... I like Nina but Rachel is a better rapper and Wilson Bethel and Scott Porter were just hilarious!!!

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