Once Upon a Time Finds Its Prince

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Sarah Bolger, prepare to soon be awakened by Julian Morris.

The actor (Pretty Little Liars, 24, ER) will come on board Once Upon a Time Season 2 as Prince Phillip, the lucky man who gets to lay a kiss on Bolger's Sleeping Beauty.

Julian Morris on PLL

Entertainment Weekly first reported this casting and describes the royal character as a skilled warrior and frequent traveler whose home kingdom is in a state of decline. No word yet on when he'll debut.

Earlier this week, Sinqua Walls was cast as the show's version of Sir Lancelot.

Per the just-announced ABC premiere date calender, Once Upon a Time returns with new episodes on September 30.

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I'm sorry, I just fapped to this. Julian's charming though. I know he's not our forum's fan fave but he's one hot pedo on PLL lul


No, h'es not attractive enough!


What a great news, I love Julian but I hope we will still see him on PLL.


I just hope he'll be used more than Cinderella's prince. If it's just a one-episode I'll be pissed!


i love this actor to bits!!
i hope this and pretty little liars together will be able to jump start his career for real. i want to see him big roles playing main characters!


I am ambivalent to the casting choice, I'm sure he will be fine and the story will play out very well like the others of season 1 have. I'm just concerned about them casting Lancelot. Are they really attempting to bring Camelot into the mix? If so, are we going to see Arthur, Guenivere, Morgana and Merlin? If so, I have a feeling that Merlin may be a formidable opponent or powerful ally to Regina/Mr. Gold.


@whathappened, I agree that he look like he could pull off being Peter Pan.


@Kol I agree. He looks more like Robin Hood or Peter Pan or something, NOT iconic Prince Philip. It should be Matt Bomer!!!


I don't necessary agree with this casting choice.

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