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It is a story of love and loss. You watched a show and you fell in love, only to have some faceless network executive pull the plug on it and break your heart.

We've all been there. Perhaps you cried, threw things at your TV or drowned your sorrows in a pint of Rocky Road. Television is a harsh business, but we can mourn the loss together and help one another through the hard times.

This list could easily be doubled, maybe tripled - but let's take a look at a few one season wonders we still wish were on the air...


The Secret Circle - CW (2011-2012) - The Circle had a bit of a slow start but seemed to pick up steam during the last half of the season. So when word came down after a great season finale that there would be no Season 2, diehards were blindsided. Did you think the witches of Chance Harbor deserved a second chance?

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Terriers - FX (2010) - The odd title and end of summer start probably didn't help this unique Shawn Ryan bromance/crime drama but those who saw it loved it. Donal Logue and Michael Raymond-James had fantastic chemistry. The boys screwed up more than they won and their love lives were a mess. But two years later fans are still begging for more.

Freaks and Geeks - NBC (1999-2000) - Just look at the cast:. Jason Segel, Seth Rogan, Busy Philipps, James Franco, and oh, did we forget to mention executive producer Judd Apatow? Not even this much talent and an awesome '80s soundtrack was enough to keep this cult classic on the air.

My So-Called Life - ABC (1994) - This was the show that sent Claire Danes on her way to stardom. It's a bit sad that TV's version of teen angst now looks more like Gossip Girl and 90210.

Firefly - FOX (2002) - Ten years ago Firefly couldn't find an audience. A decade after this sci-fi/western's demise there's a movie, comic books, DVD sales and a sold out Comic Con panel celebrating its existence. I first watched the series in 2009 and fell completely in love with it. No one can deny that it deserved a much longer run than it got, but its one season has catapulted the show into a cult mega hit.

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Over There - FX (2005) - The first show to look at America's military involvement in Iraq was a solid drama that deserved more than its one short season. Unfortunately, the show was over long before the war itself ended, and even the talented Steven Bochco couldn't bring us more of the stories from over there.

Moonlight - CBS (2007) - Sometimes timing is everything and Moonlight's was just a little too early. When the Twilight craze hit about a year later, this fun vampire thriller could have rode that wave. Instead star Alex O'Loughlin was sent to the Pacific to ride waves of a different sort on the same network's hit Hawaii Five-0.

Rubicon - AMC (2010) - It wasn't exactly action-packed, but James Badge Dale gave a winning, quiet performance in a conspiracy thriller that was finding its way just as soon as season one concluded.

Ringer - CW (2011-2012) - Sarah Michelle Gellar returned to network TV as twin sisters Bridget and Siobhan. This mystery/drama was huge fun when it worked but got muddled down in its own confusing plot midway through. The entertaining finale reminded viewers how good it could be but, alas, it was too late to save this unique, campy show.

Now it's your turn. Make your choice from above and then tell us about the one season wonder you wish was back on TV.

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Definitely My So Called Life. I remember when that show first aired. It definitely should've continued! And Roswell should've lasted more than 3 seasons. Why can't they resurrect a show with the characters all being older.


RINGER. vote for ringer! although i loveee freaks and geeks theres no chance of bringing that back.


Invasion (2005) the alien invasion/hybrid evolution television series created by shaun cassidy. i miss that show so much


Moonlight was the best show to ever grace either the TV or movie screen and never should have bee3n cancelled. Moonlight had the most amazing storyline, chemistry, romance and adventure.
Moonlight did indeed unite the world. First with our grief over it's untimely demise, then our fight for another network to pick up the best series EVER on TV and finally in our grief for a show we ALL LOVED! I will always miss the Magic of Moonlight. Please bring back the most wonderful show that ever graced our TV screen.


Moonlight all the way! Quite frankly to me, it is the biggest TV blunder in television history. CBS is so ignorant and arrogant they will never admit to the atrocity of cancelling Moonlight right on the cusp when vampires took over entertainment. No vampire show compares to the depth that Moonlight had, not even popular hits like Angel and Buffy. That show had all the right elements with eclectic storylines. The chemistry between Mick and Beth was absolutely amazing. I'm still mesmerized by this show and all the characters. It deserves to be resurrected even after 4 years. CBS deserves to go down as the dumbest network in history. I arrest my case.


Moonlight, no question, no need to think twice. I fell head over heels in love with show, and even now, after almost 5 years since it first aired, I still watch it on DVD, and I'm still active in its fandom.


Definitely Moonlight. That has to be the biggest mistake cBS ever made.After Twilight hit the big screen a year later and made millions it wasn't too late for cBS to bring Moonlight back. Hell it still isn't too late. The fandom is still out there and going strong. There is so much Moonlight fan fiction being posted in cyber space I'm sure there is a best seller out there just waiting to be published. Fans waited with bated breath every time cBS dangled the carrot and rumors would float around about a Moonlight resurrection, but it was never to be cause cBS would have to admit they were wrong to cancel ML. There is no way they will swallow their pride and give in to the fans and that is a shame.


Addendum I was reading over the descriptions again of the shows listed and see that both of the shows I acknowledged seemed really popular by comments and that I never heard of ... were on CBS and Fox. Maybe those 2 just needed some advertising so people like me would have given them a try!


I was hoping someone would mention one of the shows I loved that were cancelled, but then it occurred to me that maybe that was why they were cancelled. Oh well, I really liked "Eleventh Hour," "The Unusuals," and "Detroit 1-8-7." I don't have cable so maybe the shows most mentioned here are on cable (but I've never seen "Firefly" or "Moonlight").


It's so hard picking just one, Brimstone, Sports Night, Breakout Kings, Moonlight. All of these shows made me sad when they were cancelled.

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