Pretty Little Liars Review: No One To Save Ali From Evil

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Well things certainly are getting "Crazy!"

Mona finally returns to the show, in quite the insane fashion. Her scenes were definitely the creepiest so far this season, due to both the spooky ambiance of that children's ward and her unsettling coded messages to Hanna. While it's getting harder and harder to wait until the end to get some real progress to the mystery, Mona provided some welcomed insights for all of loyal Pretty Little Liars viewers.

Mona and Her House of Cards

For one, we've all been wondering just how crazy Mona really is. Clearly, she's a bit unstable, but a lot her behavior seems like an act. This was especially true during the children's ward scene. Mona knows she isn't safe (and neither are the liars), and she doesn't trust anyone but Hanna. So she uses a special code to tell Hanna some vital information, and those messages sounded both crazy and scary.

Mona: Ms. Aria, you're a killer not Ezra's wife. Where were we? Maya's away sleeping sweet, until Garrett's all rosy count on me. No one to save Ali from evil.

In putting these chilling words into the "She sleeps under trees" decoder, Hanna and the girls figure out what Mona was trying to say: Maya Knew. Not safe. This confirms what a lot of fans thought about Maya's untimely death: she found out something she shouldn't have. The website was a little less helpful since it needs a password, but it looks like Hanna's tech-savvy ex will be helping with that next Tuesday. Hopefully, she'll finally fess up to what's been going on, but I won't hold my breath that.

Another thing we learned is that Mona really does care for Hanna. She seemed upset to hear that the planchette had made its way to Hanna's home. She definitely doesn't trust Aria, so that  might mean she doesn't know exactly who is A's team. Or does she suspect Aria? Or did she know that A was watching her and secretly recording her?

We also learned about something that happened between Mona and Hanna a few days before Ali's body was discovered. After asking a Ouija board about Ali, they got the message, "Alive," and then Hanna thought she say Ali. Hanna called Mrs. DiLaurentis and got her hopes up, which made Ali's father think it was just a horrible prank when Ali's body was found three days later. Since Mona was A, she might have been manipulating that planchette, but that doesn't seem to concern the girls right now.

What should be worrying them is that website and what Maya knew. Is it possible that Maya found out that Ali really is alive like our Pretty Little Liars Round Table suggests? Or did her information have to do with Ali's killer or the N.A.T. club? Fingers crossed that we'll find out next week!

The Mona-Hanna drama was the main focus in tonight's episode, but we did get some scenes involving Nate and Emily. I guess we're suppose to feel bad at the end that CeCe and Emily effectively ruined Nate's chances with Jenna, but I didn't really sympathize with him. Perhaps because he's striking me as very suspicious lately. He mentions that he recognizes the earrings as being like a pair that Maya owned, but Emily bought them for her shortly before she died. How did he see them? And why all the weird flirtation with Emily?

And while we're on the subject of suspicious newcomers... who is CeCe Drake? Her story checks out (since Jason confirmed that their families did spend an "intense" summer together), but what is she doing in Rosewood now? I also didn't really get an Ali-vibe from her like all the other girls did. Ali seems much cooler than this girl.

Vanessa Ray is pretty awesome as CeCe, but I don't think we've seen enough of her to get the sense that Ali learned from her. It seemed more like characters were trying to tell us that CeCe was Ali's mentor instead of showing us some true Ali attitude. But that phone trick with Jenna was awfully reminiscent of Ali.

Also, I am glad that Spencer is being more honest with Toby (although he did earn it after lying to save her from the cops), but she's really got to open up to him. She's obsessed with Garrett and A, and she refuses to let him help her. It's causing her to make stupid decisions. Who abandons their car at the scene of an accident with the door open and the keys still in it? Did she really think she'd make it back before anyone noticed the hit-and-run?

I thought it was great that Toby finally called her out on being so judgmental all the time. She's always so convinced that someone is guilty (like Toby), and she's usually wrong. Spencer really hasn't learned anything from her past mistakes, and I'm happy that Toby is trying to give her some perspective. It might help her from making even more costly mistakes in the future.

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"I miss my dolls."
IMMD could be the password or it could be Maya Knew.
There's so many clues that I simply can't take them all into consideration!
I don't even know who to suspect anymore. Everything has become so complicated, I'm just so worried that when A is finally revealed there will be too many loop holes. I really hope the writers have got this all figured out!


The reason why they don't suspect Jason is because when they cracked that video garret said that Jason was passed out from drinking and smoking so much remember... Which is the night "Ali was killed"


Please Wait! I Miss My Dolls-mona
Password is IMMD?


What's the password for the website


I Miss My Dolls..Ian Melissa Mona...Detective Wilden?


cece cant be courtney , jason was seeing her remember ?!


If cece is Courtney I'll be write disappointed even though I think its weird that they got over Jason being creepy so easily I don't want him to creepy and having him like about that is a little weird for my taste plus I liked idea if identical reruns better cuz it explains all the times the girls saw her and thought it was a dream and what . Maybe cece is the equivalent of Tabitha


Did anyone else notice that CeCe Drake looked exactly like one of the twins in the Halloween story Allison told that child that Hannah was babysitting? Also 'CeCe' sounds to me to just be a nickname... What if it actually stands for Courtney?! What if SHE is one of the twins from that story!!!


so the password is Maya knew?


I actually agree that Spencer needs to stop pointing fingers. She is my favorite out of the liars but she is starting to annoy me this season. As much as I love Jason, I need to know who he gave that reward money to. I love Mona this episode and I wonder did she know she was being recorded and I hope nothing bad happen to her.