Pretty Little Liars: Who is On the A Team?

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We’re only four episodes in, but things are really starting to heat up on Pretty Little Liars Season 3.

Although one of the biggest mysteries of the show was supposedly resolved last season, most of us figured there would be plenty of A-related drama to come this summer. But not many of us could have predicted just how dangerous of a game the new stalker(s) would be playing.

So, we return to our original mystery: Who is A? Or rather, who is part of the A-Team?


Mona confessed to being A during the Pretty Little Liars Season 2 finale and we now know she wasn’t working alone. Is Mona still pulling the strings from Radley Sanitarium? Or is someone else the leader? Mona’s been playing crazy fairly well these last few weeks, but I think it’s just a clever ploy. But to what end?

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Melissa has acted very suspiciously for quite some time, and we recently discovered that she lost her baby much earlier than she initially claimed. Was she even pregnant at all? She confessed to being the black swan at the masquerade ball, but said she was blackmailed into wearing it. Clearly, Melissa has plenty to hide and a few axes to grind:

  • She was in Allison’s room the night she died.
  • Allison was fooling around with her boyfriend at the time, Ian.
  • Spencer has kissed not one but two of her significant others.

Even Melissa’s parents were suspicion of her behavior leading up to and following Allison’s disappearance. She was even involved with one of our other suspects, Garrett, right before he was arrested for Allison and Maya’s murders. Melissa is high up on my list of possible A-team members.

Garrett’s recent arrest has cast some doubt on his guilt. He was definitely involved in some shady business when he was dating Jenna and during his time as a NAT club member. However, he must know something pretty important if Spencer’s mom is willing to represent him. Is he a villain or just misunderstood?

Jenna has been off the A-radar since she was almost killed in that house fire. BUT she deliberately concealed the fact that she can see again... until the girls busted her using her newly acquired eyesight. Was she really just playing defenseless to protect herself? Jenna’s always seemed like a red herring on the show, but we shouldn’t forget that she and Mona were getting pretty friendly in that Halloween episode, “The First Secret.”

And what about Wren? It seems awfully convenient that he’s volunteering at the same hospital to which Mona has been committed. Plus, he always seems to insinuate himself into the girls lives, especially as a romantic rival.

Lucas has turned into a very disillusioned youth. He’s sullen and rude; plus, he burns things at school. Does this rebellious behavior have anything to do with the A-team? To what extent is Lucas involved with A? Or is Lucas really just fed up with being Hanna’s pet?

Can you think of any other possible members of the A-team?

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This is so intense i cant belive gartt is deid who is tge rest of the a squd and was that alls hand OMG


This is what I think; A-alison T-Toby
E- Ezra

Autavia edwards
@ Victoria

toby is not part of the A team everyone knows that now


I think hannah is apart of the a team. and i love tyler smith. dont forget im also gay


I think cAlbe is part of the a team to but only joined to save Hanna or a would kill him and Hanna. And I think that's the same resin toby joined to just to save spencer and plus Jenna his sister is part of the a team because she just stuck up her own butt


I think Toby is apart of the a team but only j


I think Paige defiantly is something to do with the A team and I think one of the liars could be too, that would be an insane twist! Ezra's acting shady at the moment, but I'm unsure on him. I think Jenna's going to surprise everyone and and be a good character. She tried to help emily at the end of last episode. I don't think Melissa's part of the A team.. I think she's just a bitch. And I LOVE CECE! But I have suspicions on her too. xo


i think the a team is Toby,jenna,mona, ian, lucas and noel because it all makes sence to be honest. the window car, not calling Hanna, attack emily, beaten the momeranal of allison that's what they all did. Allison is died they found her body and her spirit is with them. Who is A nobody will now until the end


OMG im finally watching season 2 and its so amazing with my best friend Jexa were like so into it and eating popcorn on the bed


Thank you Dric do you remember the Holloween ep. well the real Allison eascaped in the Radley car from the mental Hospital and was hiding from Courtney


I tottaly agree that Alison is still alive and she is surely the leader of the A team.
Remember that halloween episode when Ali told a story about the twin girls?They are playing with dolls same with the dolls the liars saw at A's layer.
In a deeper thinking those dolls represents the liars and those girls are surely Alison and Courtney.And remember the death of Ali,it is not true,the real one who died is her twin sister,Courtney,which is still connected to the story of the twin girls
And,remember when Hannah was bumbed by A car,A texted'she already kows a lot'reffering to Hannah which links to the fact that Hannah is with Alisson that time she told the story.
Another thing,A texted the liars,'mona plays with dolls too'.
Would it all be a coincedence or a hidden truth which longs to be discovered?

Pretty Little Liars Quotes

You know, Emily, sometimes you poke the bear, and other times the bear pokes. *sigh* It's from a movie.


You think the truth is this big shiny disco ball of purity then go ahead and try it. See what it gets you. Telling the truth to the wrong person at the wrong time is how I ended up where I did. Take it from me you're always better off with a really good lie.