Revenge Casting Call: Greeting a New Grayson

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Another key character will be coming on board Revenge Season 2.

With rumors swirling over who will portray Emily's mother, as well as the woman who brought Victoria Grayson into the world, a new ABC casting notice has gone out for Conrad's son from his first marriage.

Yes, another mischievous Grayson male is headed to the Hamptons.

Emily with an Axe

Look for the new Grayson to make life difficult for Daniel on both the home front and the work front. He'll attempt to weasel his way back into the family's company... and perhaps into the arms of Daniel's ex-fiancee as well?

There's no way Season 2 kicks off with the marriage of Emily and this new character, is there? Sound off now on the possibility and also on who you could see portraying Daniel's half-brother.

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Charlotte's official character bio at ABC called her "youngest daughter of the Grayson clan",but this is the first I heard of Daniel being a younger son. Any idea if Grandpa,for all his affinity for Victoria,is in touch with the first wife's children?


I hope season 2 of Revenge will do well in the U.S.So I can watch it in Australia.


It would be nice if season 2 starts with Grayson-Thorne wedding,of course that new Grayson,which means that Emily will still have a possibility to spend time in Grayson manor looking for new evidence against Conrad and God knows whom.


I'm so excited for all these new characters! This one possibly most of all. I just hope the extra Grayson doesn't mean that my favorite Grayson (Charlotte) passed away in the first season. And now that I think more people are aware of how good "Revenge" is, their ratings will (hopefuly) pick up and escalate. On a separate note, the reason I think we didn't hear about this son is because Conrad's first marriage family was "excluded" from his current life, like they don't even exist.


WHOA!!! how do they even come up with this stuff :0 Can't wait..
but i still really like emily and daniel together too bad he turned to the dark side


cnt wait 4 season 2!!!!!


Brilliant series, i am so looking forward to season 2!


This is so cool! I cannot wait for season 2 Revenge!!! I really hope that they do an actual screen test between Emily and the other Grayson! They need to have CHEMISTRY!!!


How come we didn't hear about this half-brother in the entire season one?


I'll be extremely disappointed if Revenge doesn't pick up in the ratings when it comes back in the fall on a new time slot. I see tons of potential, great new plot lines, amazing new characters. I can't wait to find out who are they going to cast.

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