Royal Pains Review: If It Makes You Happy

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Hank removing a bullet from the chest cavity of a John Doe that someone on Boris' security staff shot, followed by treating a patient with the ever-creative (though apparently completely real) Rocky Mountain spotted fever?

Yes, Royal Pains returned from a week off and didn't hesitate for second to remind us of Hank's talents in "You Give Love a Bad Name."

Hank & Divya Help a Patient

Much to the relief of fans wary of the civil war taking place within HankMed that opened Royal Pains Season 4, Evan and Hank put aside their differences aside and launched HankMed 3.0.

An expanded staff and expanded patient base presented Evan with unintended complications from the get-go, not the least of which were the uninvited guests who appeared in the form of Mrs. Katdare and Eddie R. Clearly there are still some bugs to work out in order to make sure that the expansion is to the advantage of their patients, and nothing less.

In the meantime, Hank and Divya tended to a peppy matchmaker with a big heart - two of them, actually - who was relentless in her attempts to set up her physician and his assistant on their own individual paths to love. And all while suffering from a tick born illness named Rocky Mountain spotted fever. Who knew such an ailment even existed?

Interestingly, this episode focused very much on the happiness of our ensemble cast in their respective lives.

This theme emerged earliest with Evan's encounter with his disorderly business meeting, which ended rather haphazardly, if it ever really began in the first place.

It appeared again when Veronica suggested the possibility of setting Divya up with one of her clients. Though she fiercely opposed the idea, her mother's admission that she had never been in love with Divya's father likely proved the final push towards accepting Veronica's offer. I know I look forward to seeing the results.

Paige's behavior was especially perplexing in this regard. Evan's interpretation that planning and executing a HankMed launch party and her over-attentiveness to his needs immediately raised suspicions. Linked to the apparently sexual advances of her boss in London, Paige admitted the real reason she returned to the Hamptons.

What I didn't quite understand about this whole encounter was in what way it impacted her love for painting or her desire to follow her dreams? The director came onto her. That should have had nothing to do with it.

Luckily for us, Evan actually had the exact right thing to say to Paige in order to encourage and be there for her, just like Hank reminded him of.

Speaking of Hank and support: Would you all support Hank in a relationship if Harper became a recurring character?

I think not. Quite frankly, her behavior at the launch party was baffling to say the least, and awkward to say the most. I get that not wanting to date another doctor thing, but her exit just felt like a moment of poor writing. I do appreciate his dissatisfaction with her parting words. I just wish she would have at least responded or playfully flirted with the idea that maybe she had more to say at another time.

Honestly, I don't want him in a relationship right now. He just got out of one, more or less, and he needs some single time.

Let's talk about Boris. What the heck is up with this dude?

Everything is so cloak and dagger with him. Why on earth is the NSA involved? And who the heck lets a guy bleed out in his backyard and almost obstructed medical attention so he really died? It's going to take a very compelling backstory for me get on board with that.

I hope the same is true for Hank, who will, from the looks of the promo for next week's episode, take him off the grid in search of the truth.

So, TV Fanatics, any clues as to what proposal Boris might have for Hank?


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I get them say every once or twice a year , sounds sexy as hell i know ....Is it due to taking oral steroids or just due to my lack of oral hygiene cos i am a brit ?. DikiDoo , wheres your sense of humour !?!.


حج مقبول وسعي مقبول عقبالنا يا رب:)


Are they airing these Melissa & Joey s out of order? I could have sworn Joey had hair last week, but he's back to that sputid bald look again in tonight's first episode, and then has a full head of hair again in the second episode. I wonder if the first episode was left over from the first half of the season.


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Once a promising show now a ROYAL DUD. This show is now predictable and one demensional. Paige's acting skills bleak, boris's return very predictable since the show fired Jill Flynt(a MAJOR MISTAKE). The chemistry is now broken up and POOR. I hve now removed ROYAL PAINS from my dvr list. I will try to return next season to see if, a, they fired the writers,b, did USA look at ROYAL PAINS and say What the HECK happened to this show. Try and return to the chemistry and spark of seasons 1 and 2 if you want this viewer back. The show that I pray for to return I am praying for FRESH writing and the return of JILL Flynt. Thanks GOD I have other competing channels.


I used to like this show. Enough let's go back to the brothers running the business together or I am through with it. This constant tension we seem to need in hot TV shows is too much. Also bring Jill back. If you haven't heard of Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever it is because you didn't live in the Rocky Mountains in the 50s. My mother used to check all of us for ticks every night due to this disease.


I honestly miss Jill. Her roles weren't huge, but she gave the show heart. The new doctor seems nice too, but the reasoning for letting Jill go just isn't plausible. Doctors don't need to be with other doctors to be in a successful relationship. While Jill helped give reason for Hank being in the Hamptons, every viewer has been watching Hank adapt to enjoying the Hamptons. This episode was good, but it didn't fill a hole that Jill's role left behind. The ending of the episode was intriguing though and I look forward to watching Boris' venture. I wouldn't say the show jumped the shark, it just took a sharp left off the expected path.


I agree with a previous comment, that Paige's thought was, she was hired because of her looks, and not her talent. So, even though that has nothing to do with her talent, if you are insecure about something in the first place, then you can understand where Paige was coming from when she found out her talent did not get her the job. I'm glad Boris is back. He always makes for an interesting story. I have heard of spotted fever, but not everyone has heard of everything. I'm sure there are things that all of you don't know about, but are widely known by others. So maybe putting others down for not knowing something is rude and uncalled for.


My dog once had Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and Lyme's Disease at the same time. Poor sweet thing couldn't use his back legs in a matter of hours. Literally. From leaving for work to coming home at lunch to check up on him and let him out for a run, he could barely walk. Luckily our awesome vet caught it very quickly and he made a full, swift recovery. We do live in the NE in the country on a farm, lest this scare anyone but I believe it can happen wherever ticks are found. And yes, we always use tick, flea, etc., protection. Sometimes the bite is faster than the protection.


**On the upside, I'm glad Miss Newburg was brought back. Now all we have to do is wait for Tucker and Libby and it'll be just liked old times! Not to mention the awesome OLD opening. I really don't like this new one. It looks like amateur filmmakers edited it.

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Royal Pains Season 4 Episode 5 Quotes

Hank [to Evan]: I'm so impressed by what you do. I am so proud to be your partner, and you brother.
Evan: I think I really needed to hear that.

If I am going to work with you, and I need to know whether or not it's going to put me in the middle of something I don't believe in.