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Just when I'm ready to give up on Saving Hope, an episode like "Heartsick" comes along. Now I'm scrambling around looking for a time machine to get me to the next episode. STAT.

"Heartsick" was, quite simply, the best episode of the season.

Alex & Dawn Square Off

There wasn't much I didn't love about it. To start, Erika Durance gave her best performance thus far. Alex was vulnerable at exactly the right moments. Seeing her in the scenes with Dawn, begging for Charlie to be kept alive, was heart-wrenching. Her emotion was palpable. I begged for weeks to see emotion from her and tonight and then I got all that I wanted and then some. It was perfect.

We even got emotion from Dawn, a woman I think we all love to hate. It was clear tonight that the decision to stop Charlie's life support isn't one she's made lightly. She still loves him and, in her own way, is doing what she thinks is best for him. She's unable to see how he might've changed since they were married, but she's still making this decision not to hurt Alex or Charlie but because somewhere deep in that icy heart of hers, she cares.

Not unlike the prisoner Charlie helped cross over. Hearing the man tell his heart to forget what it had been told about caring and feeling and then hearing him say how sorry he was was powerful to me for some reason. I was moved by the finality of his coming to terms with what his life had been. Charlie also brings something new to each interaction he has in the in between. For the past several weeks, the spirits have taught Charlie to fight if he wants to live. This week, it was about making peace with what's going to happen eventually.

Joel was just the right balance of selfish jerk and caring doctor tonight. I don't entirely understand how his exclusive relationship with Maggie is even a relationship since they seem more like just friends right now than they did when they were friends with benefits. Maybe he's just really not good at relationships, probably because he's still in love with Alex. Except she didn't let him say that. (You can read that exchange, and others, on the Saving Hope quotes page.)

His selfishness pushed Maggie toward Gavin, and finally, FINALLY, he made a move. Their kiss was maybe the best thing of the night.

But Joel's interaction with his patient was what I found most compelling about the character. Underneath his tough-guy exterior, this is a doctor who wants to help people. Tonight I feel like we caught a glimpse of the doctor Joel was in the Pilot. He tried to help. And still, he wasn't able to fix the man's problem and the man took his own life. To cope, Joel did what he does, which it seems is get himself into trouble. It may very well cost him his job since the punch he threw may have broken his hand.

Saving Hope is taking a short break for the Olympics, but when it comes back, the big question is what's going to happen to Charlie? Did anyone else expect his eyes to pop open in that closing scene? Because I did.

What did you think of "Heartsick" and what are your hopes for the remaining episodes of season 1?


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I love this show Bc I was researching OBE or out of body experience before it came out and actually experienced an obey for about a minute through meditation and I believe its possible


The San Diego market has been left out of the return from the Olympics...the NBC affiliate keeps showing reruns of the voice or whatever they feel frustrating....NBC sucks anyway between the volume problems with cox and lousy programming. I give up


Can’t even imagine this show without Charlie. Show will be ended if he dies.


I watch the show on Primetime. I would like to see Charlie wake up and they can all live happily after.


I love this show, and I am sure they know if Charlie dies that it is the end of the show. I thought in the beginning it is about Charlie not understanding and not caring to understand people's feelings. Isn't he supposed to learn how to care about the whole person and be a better doctor?
I would like him to wake up or at least let one person tell Alex that they actually spoke with him and she understands. Dr. Randall should come back and get a second chance at telling her if none of the patients come out of their comatose states.


I didn't think I'd like this show, but I was proven wrong. I checked today because I realized I hadn't seen it. In the last scene, as they pull away from those in the room after shutting off the equipment, you don't see Charlie. I thought that "might" be the END, since he didn't appear. I thought he had moved on. I'm glad it will be back. As for what I "think" is going to happen, I believe he will breathe on his own but not wake - yet - from the coma


I am with the fans who want to see Charlie wake up, already. Having him in a coma hasn't really been that interesting, since he hasn't done a lot for others in the same situation or others who were dying and needed help letting go.
I also don't get why the ex-wife, who is obviously a stone-cold witch-with-a-B, would have as much say-so in his care and DNR as his fiance...that doesn't make sense. I didn't know that this was a Canadian show, but if it is, perhaps that is part of the law there, but it is not, to my knowledge, the law here in the United States. If they kill off Charlie, I don't think the show would survive, because Mr Shanks is the draw for a lot of fans.


How can the ex wife have a say in this mans life? When you get divorced, you do not like or agree with the person you are divorcing! You terminated that relationship. Next, I have been asking myself how they are going to keep this going from episode 2. It just does not work with him in the coma. I want to like this show, I really like the two leads characters and the "player" doctor has potential, but the rest of the characters I am not interested in. I do like the shrink too.
Having him come out of the coma and to still see dead people is the best option to me. Kinda like the Canadian show that got canceled Spirited. I really liked that show. They could take some ideas from that and it would be quite fun. I think that is what may happen. Other wise it is just a another medical show and it just is not good enough to pull that off.


Is that true that an ex-wife has equal legal standing with a fiancée? That is wrong on so many levels. I think Alex has been totally agree with others who have said Charlie is much too passive in this shoentirely too obliging to Dawn throughout the show. I would have told her to mind her own business early on. The formal hearing and decision seemed very much a television contrivance, like something out of a daytime soap opera. I totally agree with others who have said Charlie is much too passive in this show. It would be better if he fought and periodically made contact with Alex.


While I like the show, I find myself getting more frustrated with every passing week while Charlie really doesn't do much of anything. I started watching the show because of the supposed premise that Charlie would be in contact with someone on the outside of his coma, helping doctors and saving lives. The closet it came was when the psychic was able to communicate with Charlie's fiancee but that was nipped in the bud. Like I say: frustrating waiting for Charlie's role to develop into SOMETHING. If nothing happens in this regard soon, I will stop watching the show.

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Saving Hope Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Joel: [to Gavin] Right. Her friend.
Gavin: What, don't think men and women can be friends?
Joel: Not really, no.

Joel: Alex, if you need...
Alex: You're gonna be nice. Don't do it.