Saving Hope Review: Pain and Suffering

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Saving Hope is a show I'm trying really hard to sink my teeth into. It's a great concept, really. And then sometimes in practice it seems a little too "one of these things is not like the other."

Maybe that's what makes the show work. "The Great Randall" certainly succeeded in bringing us a little closer to combining the medical and supernatural elements of this show.

And bonus? The annoying blue lens flare seems to be gone.

Charlie Gets Connected

From the minute the hypnotist, who also happens to be a psychic, complimented Charlie's tux, I was intrigued. Finally, someone who could help Charlie communicate with Alex. Someone who could be his go-between while he's trapped in the in-between! If the writers never plan to wake Charlie from his coma, we're going to have to have some way for him to communicate with people. Otherwise, Michael Shanks' talent is being tremendously wasted.

Don't get me wrong. I don't want to add a psychic to the cast and have him become Charlie's mouthpiece. But at some point, if the living world and the in-between world are going to intersect, someone, or something, is going to have to make that happen.

While I liked seeing Charlie making connections through The Great Randall, I'm somewhat annoyed, and also amused, by this week's "Serious Case."

Alex is a surgeon. Not House. Or Cameron. Or Foreman. Or Chase. Her job is to perform surgeries, make sure patients are stable, and check on how they're recovering. Her job is not to call in hypnotists to life a hypnosis (a surgeon who believes in hypnotists??) or to diagnose some mystery illness the patient has had for years that no other doctor has ever been able to diagnose. Week after week, Alex acts more like a general hospital doctor than a surgeon. Her interactions with patients are almost too personal.

But, this week's Serious Case did give us some tiny bits of awesome. Namely, an elevator full of vampire jokes that seemed to poke fun at Daniel Gillies' role as Elijah on The Vampire Diaries. (To read that exchange, check out the Saving Hope quotes page.)

The Serious Case, Chester, had a condition known as Porphyria, which makes people blister in the sun, not unlike our favorite walking undead over on the CW. But it's still odd to me that Alex would be so determined to find this patient a diagnosis given her role as a surgeon. It's one of the medical aspects of the show that doesn't work for me as a loyal fan of numerous medical dramas throughout the years.

In keeping up with the vampires, it seems that perhaps Joel has bitten off more than he can chew in deciding to have an exclusive relationship with Maggie. But then again, she did bite him first, right?

I'm sure the purpose of Joel and Maggie attempting monogamy and a "boyfriend-girlfriend relationship" (Seriously? Is Maggie twelve?) is to prove how bad he is at commitment, but even when he called himself a jerk, it didn't feel believable. He hasn't been a jerk. He's been honest. She said this was no strings attached, he accepted, and then she changed the terms of their arrangement. He declined to accept those new terms and wasn't a jerk about it at all. And the entire time he was telling her he wanted to be exclusive, I couldn't help but feel like he was stumbling through awkward nerves that were somehow endearing.

For the past few weeks, the Saving Hope has been steadily climbing uphill for me, and this week it was a little flat. Maybe I need a second viewing, if for no other reason than to see Gillies' flash his smile and stammer his way through a discussion about being exclusive.

What did you think of The Great Randall?


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I love this show-just because we americans seem to love watching fake jennifer lopez tears and real housewives tear eachothers entrails out doesn't mean that alot of us don't have good taste and would like to use our brains in choosing tv faire-rather than throwing a dart at tv listing again we love this show-my family doesn't agree on anything but we all love this show and 2 of us are doctors, although I must admit there was alot of laughing aqbout micha el shanks ex-wife getting to pull the plug on him.


For the 3rd week there has been a voice over the actors dialog telling us what the actors are doing as if we can't see it ... example "Alex looks shocked and turns her head down", "Spirit Charlie sits on the bed and looks at Alex". Is this on purpose? I like the show but this is really annoying and I'm going to give it up if this continues.

Sarah silva

I feel the same way, I really want to like this show and it has it's good moments but I am not 100% about it!
I think ALex is pregnant but did not want to admit it!
I really like Joel! I had to laugh when the scene when they were in the elevator talking about Vampires!


The thing is that I think that we expected Randall to be caring and to tell Alex what Charlie was saying, he turned out to be an opportunist when he tried to get money out of her. Remember that Alex has already hoped that she had a supernatural clue that Charlie was there ( the drawing the kid made in chapter 2), so after Randall made his pitch I don't think she was going to take a chance with him. I think the episode was really good and very funny and really sad, it was just about human nature and how it can be a mystery but sometimes one we don't expect to know, just endure.


I am trying to like this show, but I think it is rather boring. I liked "A Gifted Man" better than this show. The only reason I am watching is for Michael Shanks.


I agree that it was odd that she didn't try to get more personal answers from the hypnotist to prove he was really communicating with Charley. I kept waiting, but it never happened :-/. I actually really liked this episode. Though it did go a bit House in the Alex department, it was zing after zing for humor. I probably won't give up on Saving Hope because I miss Daniel Gillies on my screen ;-).

Miranda wicker

@Kol--I think the fact that she didn't believe him and didn't ask any questions to determine if he was lying/guessing is part of what made me sort of dislike this episode. She'd just watched him lift Chester's hypnosis. He came to her talking about Charlie, about whom he had no way really of knowing. It was weird. I see Joel's interest in Alex forming, but I don't necessarily see Alex forming any interest in Joel.


I liked the Great Randall. I cannot believe Alex didn't believe him because he told her the exact date she got it. She could have ask something only Charlie will know to see if he was lying. The chemistry of Alex and Joel is heating up every time that I can see a love triaion the horizon. I cannot believe Chester was like how he was in the beginning.

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Joel: Ow! Did you just bite me?
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