Saving Hope Review: Power Struggle

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Saving Hope focused on characters making decisions tonight. Some good and some bad, but decisions nonetheless. And some editor made the decision to bring back the blue light, which made me question what that person was thinking. But I digress.

"Consenting Adults" dealt with what happens when the people we love, or for whom we're caring, make choices we disagree with and the consequences of those decisions. It also firmed up what I love and dislike about this show.

Making Contact

Just to get it out of the way, we'll start with what I dislike about so we can end on a positive note.

First, the medical jargon they force the actors to use is almost over-the-top. I wrote in the first few Saving Hope reviews that this didn't feel very medical. What I think I meant is that it doesn't feel like the medical aspect of this show comes very naturally to these actors. The dialogue during the surgical scene tonight was almost laughably bad. There was a complete six or seven line exchange of nothing but medicines and procedures and none of it felt real.

If you want me to believe this is a medical drama, study other medical dramas who've done medicine better and then try again. Right now it really feels like these actors and actresses are just playing doctor. If that's the case, let's just fix everything with a bandage and call it a day.

The second thing that is making me a little cranky week to week is the uneven writing of Daniel Gillies' character, Joel. One week he's an altruist who wants to give his patient the best possible outcomes. The next he's a cocky surgeon. Then he's a cuddly teddy bear having trouble becoming exclusive with his girlfriend. Then he's convinced his patient is crazy without so much as a conversation with the man and snaps at the psych resident whose consult he requested.

If this is an attempt at nuance for this character, it's failing.

Nuance is subtle. It's a doctor who will speak his mind with authority, maybe even be an ass, and then deliver a cup of coffee to the recipient of his verbal attack without acknowledging that the coffee is an apology. This, quite frankly, is a poorly fleshed out and understood character. If Joel were a med student, or even a resident, and in the process of "finding himself," then Joel's back and forth nature would be slightly more understandable. But that's not the case here. And what makes this more difficult to bear is the fact that Gillies is really talented. He's doing the best he can with what he's given. But what he's being given isn't spectacular.

I love-hate that Charlie's ex-wife wants to petition for decision-making privileges as far as Charlie's care is concerned. I love it because I hope it brings out a little feistiness in Alex. We started to see that tonight when Alex told Melanda that Dawn wasn't allowed in Charlie's room. We need to see more of that because it develops that character. I hate this plot, however, because it's just such a sucker punch. I felt the sting of her words and kind of wanted to slap her for being so high-and-mighty. But, this serves the purpose of making me want to know more about this marriage and why it didn't work out and helps to explain, at least a little bit, why the ex-wife was introduced this season. She is yet another battle Alex has to fight.

What I love completely, however, is Charlie. All things Charlie.

I love flashback Charlie. I love in-between Charlie. I even love coma Charlie.

The interactions Charlie has with the patients who are in-between and dying have been and continue to be my favorite part of this show. Enough so that I say it week after week. (To read a few of them, check out the Saving Hope quotes page.) Tonight, however, was perfect. Here was a woman who was content to be in the in-between because it meant she didn't have to face a life she wasn't sure she wanted. Charlie helped her realize that she wanted a better, different life, so when she awoke, while she didn't remember him specifically, she remembered her decision to be happy.

Charlie, even in the in-between, is still saving lives despite the fact that he can't seem to save his own.

What did you think of tonight's episode? What are you loving and hating about Saving Hope in general? Do you think it's going to survive, or is it on life support like Charlie?


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If there are any casting calls for saving hope I would love to be a part of it, love the show :)


I have seen every episode, and I have to say the show is boring. The characters are boring, the writing is boring, and the acting is bland. I'll continue to watch it, but at this point I hope it is cancelled


I will keep watching keep up the good work Alex. Wake up Charlie. I don't like your ex wife..

Sarah silva

I agree about loving everything Charlie. I started watching this show for Daniel Gilles but it is hard to decide if I like him or not.
I will keep watching the show, I think next week is the mid season finale as the olympics will be on so I will see when it returns if I want to keep watching it.


I guess I am in the minority here but I liked Dawn this episode. She is trying harder than Alex to wake up Charlie. I also agree with that head doctor that Alex should not say that surgeries are simple and she can be out by the end of the day. It was great to see Joel care a little for his patients.


Hopefully this amazing show doesn't get cancelled,but if it does it's all NBC fault,them bastard haven't shown a Saving Hope promo in 4 weeks and also that they didn't promote this show at all like the CTV did. All NBC wants to do is kill there own show,they don't give a fuck about Saving Hope . I only watch NBC for Saving Hope. I LOVE THIS SHOW!!!




I think I speak for all viewers who say that Alex should have kicked the ass of the blonde bimbo that is Dawn. Seriously she's charlie's EX-wife who is she to say what's good for him? Hopefuly the beatdown Alex gives her comes soon.


I love tonights episode of Saving Hope...Alex should have gone all Lois Lane on Dawn and just kick her ass, who the hell does she thinks she is.Charlie is amazing...I am totally shipping them they are perfect together.#Chalex

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Charlie: Kinda want to jump back into it, don't you? Just get back into your body and make yourself wake up.
Patient: No, actually, I don't. I'm in no rush.

Alex: She's about to get married and she's too young for this. I can't just stand by and wait.
Shahir: Sometimes all we can do is wait.