Sons of Anarchy Season 5 Trailer: Dear Brother...

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What lies ahead for Jax Teller at the head of the SAMCRO table?

If the first official trailer for Sons of Anarchy Season 5 is to be believed, one simple word/answer: trouble.

How else to interpret the teaser posted last night by creator Kurt Sutter, which depicts the new club President crashing through a highway guardrail as Gemma, Maggie and others look on? Watch now and listen closely to the lyrics:

This is what we know about Season 5:

  • Jimmy Smits will guest star as Nero, an unexpected mentor of sorts for Jax.
  • Harold Perrineau will come on board as Damon Pope.
  • Ashley Tisdale will play an escort on at least two episodes.

Look for plenty more scoop and Sons of Anarchy spoilers to be unveiled at Comic-Con next week. We'll be on the red carpet with the cast and crew. What questions do you want to see asked of them?

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jax is white hot hoping that scene of him crashing into the bridge is just a nightmare!!!!!


The clip teases us to get all us die-hard fans of the show all thinkin. I think its cool, the music, the video and all. it did to me the same thing all 4 seasons of episodes have done and thats make me nuts knowing i gotta wait till the next one lol. I replayed it a few times to try and get all i could out of it lol. Sutter comes up with some amazing stuff !! SOA rules


No way can the HOTTEST MAN and one of the main characters on the show be takn off.


Didn't Jax's father go off a bridge or something because Clay had the "only guy John let work on his bike" fuck with his brakes?


Its a DREAM,


... Worst trailer ever?


wow , I want to interpret the teaser , but ... I don't think I'm gonna like my interpretation ....
Could you be nice enough to ask if this season is more like season 2 or season 4 ?

Sons of Anarchy Quotes

So is that why grandma killed my other mommy so my first mommy could be here with me?


We can't allow our hearts to be louder than our reason.