Suits Review: Cover Your Assets

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There was no question that by the end of this Suits episode, everyone at Pearson/Hardman had reached a "Break Point."

From the son filing for emancipation... to Harvey attempting to cover his rear with regard to the pending suit against the firm... to Donna struggling with whether or not to tell Harvey about that file, Suits delivered a hard-hitting episode that will change the firm in ways we've only begun to imagine.

Suitors, please join my in a moment of silence, as we pay tribute to Pearson/Hardman's best dressed, best-looking and coolest legal secretary ever: Donna Paulsen.

Rachel & Mike

We lost a dearly beloved colleague and friend. Although it may be hard for a while, we must remember the good times and treasure them with everything we are.

And then we need to suit up and file a defamation of character lawsuit against the writers and creator Aaron Korsh to bring Donna back!

To Sarah Rafferty, who nailed this hour and every emotion associated with it, this was YOUR BEST EPISODE of this ENTIRE series. It's amazing how much a character will grow once you involve, and even make them the center of, a particular storyline. It was a challenge that you not only accepted, but completely destroyed!

I'm still blown away by all of the events that took place. We'll start with Harvey's attempt to settle the fraud suit against the firm on his own.

Harvey clearly doesn't have the tools in compassion to deal with the plaintiffs like he needs to. Yet by the time he humble himself enough to deliver the apology he always should have,  the gun was already to his head. The even more terrible thing about it is that it's about to cost him everything: His senior partnership at the firm, and even his law license.

We knew that when Travis Tanner returned that he was taking no prisoners when it came to Harvey, but to see him stripped of his senior partnership will be something else.

You could see the beginnings of what may very well be Harvey's downward spiral in the coming weeks at the elevator with Donna. At first glance, it almost appeared cruel that he was pushing the "down" button for her, but if you're watching carefully, you'll see that there was a lot more being said between them than just "you suck."

There was also a silent apology taking place there. I think they both realized there were a series of unfortunate events on both sides that led them to that point. Harvey with his reputation of operating in the gray area, combined with his past time at the embattled DA's office. Donna's indiscretion, which really didn't become one until she kept it from Harvey and then destroyed the document, only made things worse. In many ways, they were both at fault in some way. The situation only got amplified in the heat of the moment.

Speaking of which, I was surprised, saddened and invigorated by Harvey and Donna's confrontation in the bathroom. We've never seen these two yell at each other, let alone significantly disagree on an issue. To see them come to blows was such a difficult thing to watch. I hope I never have to do it again, quite honestly.

I CANNOT BELIEVE she SHREDDED that document! That was the one thing she SHOULD NOT have done! It was irreversible and likely the straw that broke the camel's back. I think even then she still had a chance to redeem herself. And then the moment was gone. Just. Like. That.

I don't think I will ever get the look on Donna's face out of my head when Jessica told her she was fired. I about died, and I know plenty of you were out there bawling your eyes out.

You didn't even have to be watching to react in such a way, you could have been Louis Litt mourning the loss of your beloved cat, Bruno. Rachel was right, if he showed half the emotion towards an individual that he does towards his cat, he would be more popular at the firm. It's good to know he is capable of connecting, even if it's with an animal.

Dare I say it, however, I think Rachel and Louis connected this episode as colleagues and as human beings. It was extremely thoughtful of her to bring him that autographed tennis ball, even if she had to get it from Mike on the pretense of being able to keep secrets from him as he has from her.

Highlights from the episode:

  • Watching Harvey on a run for 30 seconds.
  • Harold taking care of Bruno despite his injuries.
  • Donna's awkwardness during the interview.
  • Donna's Star Trek references during the interview.
  • Mike taking his first case to court, and sniffing out the BS before it was too late.
  • Mike unplugging the shredder to catch Donna in the act.
  • Mike spilling coffee on the affadavit to prevent him from committing perjury.
  • Feline transportation units, a.k.a. Cat carriers.

This had to be one of Suits best episodes of the series so far. Though it has apparently led to a Donna-less spell on the show, I know that we'll get her back eventually!

Don't forget to follow @SuitsTVF on Twitter and use the hastag #SaveDonna to join the movement to honor her memory, and perhaps even hasten her return to Pearson/Hardman!


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to the person who is sick of foul language, if you can't grow a pair of ballz and suck it up then don't watch the show because u have the maturity of a 2 year old. i love it when a show uses foul language! it makes the whole plot seem real! im sad that donna was fired! she has to come back sometime during the show! also I'm missing the Mike/Rachel relationship already. There has to be a point were Mike just tells Rachel the truth.


My jaw was on the floor when Jessica fired Donna. And the look on her face, almost brought me to tears. I really thought Harvey would fix it, although kind of hard when she did the one thing she shouldn't have done and shredded it. I liked Donna I hope they bring her back because they will not find anyone to fill her shoes. I still don't like Louis (or Lewis dunno how he spells it), but I did feel for him and his cat, I have had to put many of my cats down and it did make me feel for him and it was nice to see he had some emotion but I still don't like him. BRING BACK DONNA!!!


The child that wanted to be emancipated was way too old for the job. Was this Louis's grandfather that played that role.


Wednesday, it is called life. So what if there is so-called foul language. This shows the legal world in real life. So please stop complaining about words that are in both the bible and dictionary and enjoy the show. I have worked in several law firms and several corporations and not one minute goes by without using those words. Sheesh


Stoney, get over the so-called foul language. Did you know that p*ss and b*st*rd is in the bible? I work in a lawfirm and if I did not hear one word of so-called profanity I know that something is wrong. Get over it and enjoy the show.


I want Sarah/Donna back. I know that her actions are uncalled for, but she always has Harvey's back.


No one thinking that the actor who played the guy wanting emancipation was way too old to be playing that role? He was probably almost 40. Really, can't TV shows find someone who looks the age? Other than that, fantastic episode. Full of tears a number of times. Thanks for reviewing.


As far as the language, it's called trying to be as realistic as possible. People use foul language all the time, especially in high pressure situations and especially when one of the top law firms in New York is involved...I can't believe that would actually be a complaint from someone.


The writing on this show is just absolutely wonderful. It is literally becoming one of the best shows on tv..not just on cable and not just during the summer.


I find the use of bad language on this show, completely and utterly appropriate. No, no typo there, "appropriate" is exactly what I meant to say. A single four letter word from a guy facing a barrage of lawyer-loaded questions like that, it's simultaneously remarkably restrained for such a grown-up program, and yet completely in keeping with the realities of people losing their composure when things get really tough for them. Excellent script-writing!

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