Supernatural Season 8 Spoilers: Angels vs. Demons!

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We already know that Sam will have a love interest.

What other Supernatural Season 8 scoop can Executive Producer Robert Singer tease for fans of The CW favorite?

In a special Comic-Con themed issue of TV Guide, Singer confirmed a season premiere time jump and said the brothers will quickly be reunited - following events on the Supernatual Season 7 finale - because fans don't exactly love when they're separated.

Supernatural Comic-Con Issue

As for the Season 8 theme? Think Raiders of the Lost Ark, the producer said, adding that we'll see plenty of the prophet Kevin, along with Crowley, and:

"It's about Kevin and the tablets and the word of God. It's basically an angels-and-demons year. It's not apocalyptic, but about who can gain control and keep demons in Hell or angels in Heaven."

This special issue of TV Guide is on sale now, and Supernatural will hold its Comic-Con panel on Sunday, July 15. TV Fanatic will have a reporter on the red carpet and plenty of time with Supernatural cast members.

Fire away now with questions you want to see asked of them!

UPDATE, 7/30: Lauren Tom has been cast on Season 8 in a role described as both important and "intense."

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I like that the show is going back to the Angels and Demons story line. It was amazing and like others have said it would interesting to see where the writers go with it and if the final battle will play out in same way or another. I hope they they deal with Purgatory a little too considering alot of the fans are curious as what it's like. I'm really excited and seriously looking forward to season 8!


I like the Idea for season 8 Angels if there are any left Vs Demons which are almost infinite numbers along with the Word of God awesome but i hope they are not done with the Leviathans I would like to seem them in season 8 along side the fight with Angels and Demons, I really would like to see them without a leader and get chaotic fighting and eating each other for power, I want to see a Leviathan take the lead and be more chaos like a War boss or a crime boss like a kingpin then a business man it will be great can't wait until season 8 can't wait


what?!?! :))))) i just hope that they don't entirely give up on purgatory.


Was really hoping the writers wouldn't cave and reunite the brothers so quickly. Didn't want it to drag for half a season or anything, but was hoping for at least two or three eps of the boys separated. I really hope Sam can still come up with a way to save Dean. On the other hand, and super psyched to see a return to the angels/demons storyline, should make for a great story (and more Cas, of course ;) ) Not so thriled about the LI for Sam, unless it works like the Sam/Ruby storyline from season four. Really hoping that it isn't a repeat of Lisa/Dean. Still think it will be a great season though, I have total faith in Jeremy Carver, and am really excited for Supernatural to come back in the fall!


It would be nice to at least once have a show where the boys have a "day off" where the could be themselves and have some fun just being themselves - two brothers relaxing and enjoying the good things life has to offer them. Maybe them all the hurt and pain they go though might be a little easier to take. NO DEMONS AND ANGELS ALLOW!!!!


Amazing! Just what the show needs-angels and demons again! I don't know why fans didn't like season 6. I loved it-even better than s5! Yes, season 7 didn't live up to my expectations, but all they need to do really is get rid of the leviathan plot and the show will be good as new-or better. Three characters I'd love to see more of are Cas, Meg and Crowley. They just make the show soo much more interesting. Maybe one or two episodes with Charlie?? God, I can't wait!!!


Angels and demons and some monsters ... Perfect Formula for Supernatural in season 8. Giving jumps of joy that Supernatural is back to good times. :D


I think the demon and angel story line is great, I personally think its wut made the show famous. It would be great to see in the end Sam and Dean in the place they were born to be (leaders of heaven and hell) and end the war


well i am pretty sure,the season 8 gone be as exciting as ever. It will be interestig if they add a love saga of castiel and meg, and a child who is half angel and half deamon......


I am excited about the angels and demon's plot line. And I think it's great that Amelia is a new character for Sam since he hasn't had a love interest really since season 4 and Ruby and we all know how that ended. I just hope that the relationship doesn't become a major story line. I am there for the boys and their story. As we learned with Lisa and Jessica - in their line of work, there is really no room for long term relationships. But whatever the writer's decide, I agree with the above post - Supernatural can do no wrong. Love every show!

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