Teen Wolf Review: Don't Think About It

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Other than Stephen Lunsford's slightly over-the-top performance as a psychotic killer on his last leg, "Fury" was yet another action-packed hour of Teen Wolf that managed to simultaneously scare the audience to death and pull at its heart strings.

Just like always, every second was pulse-pounding, as Jackson was paralyzing main characters and murdering extras at the drop of the hat. He wasn't doing it on his own accord, though. We learned at the end of last week's episode that Matt was indeed the master, and he put that title to use here, thinking about killing almost everyone in his sight.

Scott Transforms

While it still ended up being a bit confusing, the flashback to Jackson's camera recording session helped a great deal. It might not have shored up why or how Matt became the kanima's master, but his watching of the video, and the hand touching between master and kanima, explained when it all began.

Through a long-winded speech to Scott, Matt then revealed more about his murderous tour through town, telling his rival about how the 2006 swim team laughed and did nothing to help while he almost drowned to death. Apparently the murders weren't linked simply because the swim team sucks, like Stiles hilariously joked.

Each time Matt's anger towards one of the former swimmers arose, the kanima would go in and murder them. That sounds like a pretty sweet gig. Matt got to release all of his frustration, and watch the jerks who screwed him die, and Jackson was taking all the heat for it. He couldn't leave well enough alone, though, and his need to come out of the wood work cost him his life.

Who saw that one coming? Gerard just drowning Matt in order to take on the master's powers? We all knew this guy was up to no good, but becoming a kanima master? I didn't even think he was that crazy.

Now that Gerard is in charge, and Matt is out of the picture, I'm expecting very different things out of the kanima for the final two episodes of the season. You would assume the old man is going to be methodical with this new power. He'll probably find a way to use the creature to his advantage strategically.

On the other hand, doesn't he hate all of these beasts? Isn't it his life's work to kill werewolves and lizards and everything else? Is this emotion taking over? Or is it just a part of a bigger plan to defeat the wolves?

If it is, he's certainly got his work cut out for him because Peter is back, and he saw everything go down. Between Scott, Derek and Peter, those wolves aren't going to back down. Luckily for Gerard, I don't think any of his kin are big fans of Peter.

There were a couple of other big emotional moments during "Fury."

  1. Momma McCall finally found out about everything! I can't imagine everything that was going through her mind as she saw Derek and the kanima fighting, only to then see her son come in and turn into a wolf!
  2. Allison and Scott hit a major rock in their relationship. Fueled by the fire of her mother's death, Allison was on a war path towards Derek and not even her love for Scott could get in the way.

The episode also gave us the insight that the vet has been a mentor to the Hales for many years, and allowed us to enjoy the Sterek love as Stiles and Derek were paralyzed on top of each other for a short while.

With only two hours remaining in the Teen Wolf summer, I can't wait for next Monday. What about you all? What did you think of "Fury?" What was your favorite moment? Will you miss Matt? And how badly do you want Gerard's life to end?


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the rule before the show aired was no vamps


ok this is going to sound really weird but I have been having almost hallusinations and I think this might be a good idea for the show... one of Dereks old friends (before the fire) visits, but it just so happens she she is a vampire, and she is introduced to Scott by his mom adopting her she looks about 10-13 years old maybe (but shes around 500 years old) and tells Scott she knows about him and Derek, she asks him to take her to Derek... but on the way she says she is really fast and challenges Scott to a race to Dereks house of course she wins. She waits for Scott to get there by the time Scott finaly gets there Dereks with her laughing (keep in mind Scott doesnt know shes a vampire... yet) and then Scott asks if she wants to arm wrestle she says yes. At first she doesnot try and when he almost has her she pins his down Derek and her laugh. Scott asks what she is, Im a vampire she says. Please comment or think of a name for the girls tell me if this is good or bad the reason I wrote this was because I think my mind thinks with every werewolf comes a vampire!


I think Scott's moms reaction wasn't a scared reaction. More like an omg not him too referring to Scott dad. They have been hinting about him some and it would be a great unexpected plot twist.


Gerhard wanted the Kanima for himself, when he was faced with it after it knocked out Chris. He had me thinking that he could be the master already. I do hope that Peter is the one who ends Gerhard. What is Scott doing giving information to Gerhard and how is Derek supposed to trust him after that? I also think that Gerhard wrote that note, just wondering if Chris is going to have to take a stand against another member of his family again about the "code", because Gerhard is playing all of them? And someone needs to take those pills away from him, so we can see what happens without them... I missed Erica and Isaac this week, not so much Lydia.


Matt didn't want Allison dead he wanted her all to himself.


Since Matt said he just took a pic of the people he wanted dead and Jackson killed them, why hasn't Allison been attacked? He took a shit ton of pics of her.


I'm loving this show! Some commented that Allisons isn't Buffy and i don't know how you can bring up that comparison? But she comes from a line of werewolf hunters and it's her responsiblity to take over for her family one day. I'm liking what there doing with her character. She can kick butt on her own and we see the torment that she goes through. Her family has drove her crazy with tests, threatening to kill her boyfriend, hiding there relationship and now her mother dying. Some shows don't allow us to see the torment they go through. I like how she's not perfect and she makes mistakes. The same with Scott having him work with Gerald is awesome because it's unexpected but it makes sense. This show is doing a great job with layering these characters and I would like to see more then 10 episodes! Because this show is one of the best supernatural shows out there!


I love this show, but I am sick of the whole kanima thing. I am sick of the fact that Derek never has anything good or positive in his life. Now he knows that scott was never his "brother" but just a spy. With as many times as Derek has saved this kid's ass, you would think that he might be a little bit grateful. I'm know that gerard has threatened to kill his mother, but Scott is a full for not trusting Derek. Kinda over Scott and his "I gotta save the world mentality. Somebody just kill the grandpa and scott and we can move on the next menace!
I really do love this show and Jeff Davis. I guess I am just done with this story line. (PS: Don't really want scott to die, Just wish he would get over himself and trust HIS INSTINCTS.)


i think the grandpa is a kanima himself. matt was turning into one. so i think gerard is the same way except he had the beast-iary so i guess he knew how to stop it from making him into what he really is.


Omg I loved this episode one of the best episode ever!!! ;)

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Teen Wolf Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Mr. Stilinski: Why would this kid want most of the 2006 swim team and its coach dead?
Stiles: Isn't it obvious? Our swim team sucks. They haven't won in like six years.

That's what Jackson's for. I just think about killing them, and he does it.