Teen Wolf Review: Unkindness of Raving

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The action never seems to stop on Teen Wolf, and that was no different on "Raving." Both sides made plans, neither of which worked out how they had wanted, and a couple of people were hurt in the process.

The first - or the last, as it was how the hour ended - was Mrs. Argent, who took the bite from Derek after attempting to destroy her daughter's boyfriend. That's what she gets, though. You can't mess with Scott McCall. When you do, you get bitten, literally.

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Derek coming to Scott's rescue was awesome. Ever since they first met up way back in the beginning, it has always been nice to see their connection come to the forefront. Derek was seriously worried about Scott, and when the latter uttered "I'm not alone" I can only hope he was referring to his quasi-pal Derek.

As for Mrs. Argent, I guess this is the first of a number of big surprises that J.R. Bourne teased to us a few weeks ago. "There's going to be a tragedy, something that the Argents are going to have to deal with," Bourne said back in June. This is certainly something they're going to have to deal with.

You know who is also going to have to deal with something? The family of that girl that the kanima and its master obliterated. She just got sliced up like Thanksgiving turkey.  

How about this master, though? Dead? A ghost? Undead? Revived? What's going on with this person? We learned - thanks to the help of the Stiles men - that all of the victims were 24 and may have been in the same class. It seems as though they all may have ganged up to kill this master so he is seeking his revenge.

How exactly that is happening I'm not sure, but watching this kanima master gets its revenge is more entertaining than seeing Emily Thorne seek hers, so I'm not going to complain.

Mrs. Argent and the random 24-year old that was murdered took the brunt of it this week, but everyone else at the rave was in danger as well. That included Allison, who screwed everyone by spilling the beans to her family. I know blood is thicker than water, but wouldn't you rather share a glass of tap with Scott than see your mom's blood spill out on the floor?

On top of that, Allison also went out on a date with Matt! I know Scott told her to, but come on girl. How you gonna treat our boy Scotty that way? All I know is that when Topanga told Cory to go on a date with Lauren, it was a trap. Boy Meets World references aside, I hope you enjoyed yourself Allison!

Who didn't end up enjoying himself, even though he had the important job, was Stiles. He was mainly responsible for getting his father fired... sorry, on a leave of absence. It killed Stiles, and you could see it in the emotion on Dylan O'Brien's face. Great work.

Before it ended with the reveal of Lady Argent's bite, the vet and the guidance counselor were chatting it up about some high level intel. What do they know? And What do they have in store for everyone else?

What did you think of "Raving?" What was your favorite moment? How do you feel about Mrs. Argent's bite? How about Allison telling her fam about Jackson? What are you most excited to see happen next? Let us know in the comments!


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What I like about this show is that the actions of the characters have realistic consequences. Although its sad, I'm glad that stiles's dad was fired b/c of his sons's actions. So many shows, (glee comes to mind) forget about consequences. Secondly, I gotta say that I think, Tyler Posey/Scott is the weakest of the main cast. He just sounds to whiny for me. The supporting characters (chris argent, the vet, gerard, kate from last season) anchor the main cast. Lydia stole the show season 1 and now its Jackson's turn. Stiles is my favourite character throughout. Issac and Erica are also turning into good characters as well. At this point I've given up on guessing the kanima master just like the whole Peter Hale thing. I;ll let the writers sort that out. However, I really liked this episode b/c it solved some of the mysteries of the vet. As a bit of a classic mythology nerd, I recognized the pendant the vet gave was from the Wiccan god, Cernunnos, aka Lord of the Animals. Therefore the vet and the guidance couselor (i think they r related) are part of some group who know about the existence of supernatural creatures. Idk if they are witches but if the Argents know about them then why can't other groups.


BTW, I wanted to run something by you guys. I watched ep 8 again & noticed that Gerard (Gramps) looked like he could've just been checking out the mountain ash line instead of being stopped by it. It wasn't like he tried to step over the line & couldn't - he just saw it and bent over to check it out. Do you think the writers are just trying to throw us off?


@Painindiaz: LOL - I did the same thing & I saw it, too! Derek def bit Victoria. W/how she was attacking him while Scott was dying, it was prob the quickest way to get rid of her & help Scott. Serves her right!
@Nikki: Good catch - Derek inhaling the wolfsbane would def make him wolf out. Same thing happened to Scott. I think Derek prob has better control of his Alpha side than Peter did, so he made it quick. Loved how Derek took care of Scott. They're almost like brothers w/how they fight but still have each other's backs. The look on Derek's face when he thanked the vet made me wanna hug him!


Derek DID bite her! Right before he fell to the grown towards Scott. He was facing Mrs. Argent wolfed out... Growled and bit her. Then she ran out. Watched the episode about 10 times.. To see if I missed anything. And the girl that was killed was pictured in the year book... She may have changed her name or has a twin... Because she was in the yearbook Stiles had. The camera zoomed in on her picture and then switched to her at the club selling tickets.


First of all, awesome review for an amazingly awesome show :) I love the connection that Derek and Scott have, Derek has always be there for Scott in some weird disfunctional way (sometimes) Just wanted to reply to RIE 1st about the bite; Derek did turn, because when he walked in, he inhaled the Wolfsbane...ok that is all. No one deserves to feel what it is like to be in Scott's shoes that Mrs Argent herself; he didn't ask to be a wolf, he hasn't harmed anyone and yet she keeps threatening the poor boy. Now she is going to find out exactly what that feels like and as fate would have it, she's married to a werewolf hunter. I am so glad that Scott is finally part of the pack though, he needed that. Omega my behind! I am not so sure what is up with Allison, girl needs to pull herself together. After all the Argent women are the leaders, and she's acting like a wimp all the time. Grandad Argent, major creepy...I don't even think his own son should trust him. He's probably the one behind late Aunt Kate's murderous ways. I do like Chris Argent though, he's a good guy, he doesn't look he can cut anyone in half (he's all about the code) 2nd Reply to MARY...the master cannot be Isaac's deceased brother, remember he's probably one of the guilty classmates of '06; his dad died was murdered in his place (the Kanima Master decided)
Isaac was kinda annoying in a cute way, but I still like him. Erica is badass (I just love Sage as Erica)
The guidance teacher, mmmmm what's her deal I wonder. Personally, I want to know what is up with Gerard and those pills and just his general creepyness. More mystery and more reason for me to keep watching Teen Wolf :) PS: I missed Lydia :(


Slightly off topic, but does anyone else think the pic in the Teen Wolf Quotes----------------------------------------------------------------> Makes Scott/Tyler Posey look like he may be auditioning for Pirates of the Caribbean.


So the girl who was killed by Jackson wasn't on the "list" that Stile's Dad had, and wasn't the list a list of students in the chem teachers class? So if she wasn't a student, but she was a (perhaps) murder of the Kanima Master, maybe it has nothing to do with the chem teacher? I mean he might play a role, or he may be one of the masters, but not the only. There has to be more linking them together than just being in the chem teachers class, since that one girl wasn't in his class. Also,
1) I def think Mama Argent did something to get the bite because Derek didn't turn into a wolf when he was fighting her so he couldn't have bitten her 2) I agree that Gerard is def something!! But not sure what... 3) I knew the guidance counselor was important somehow, I just wonder what she is, and how she knows the vet! And what is the vet??? He is def more knowledgeable & important than we were previously lead to believe... 4) When Jackson said "ME, they killed ME!" did that mean they killed Jackson, or Jacksons parents, or was it the master speaking? Could the master be Jackson's parents? I mean it said "WE'RE all here." meaning there is more than just two people in the room... maybe it was Jackson & his parents? (maybe not... I'm just speculating!) Either way this episode just unloaded more confusion & possibilities!! I'm excited to see whats next!


Correction: I think anyone who has watched this show and really paid attention has seen the bumper stickers on Mr. Harris's car and NOT considered him a candidate for master.


BTW, I think anyone who has watched this show and really paid attention has seen the bumper stickers on Mr. Harris's car and considered him a candidate for master. I wonder if those same people noticed the black gloved hands in Mr. Harris's rearview mirrow as he was leaving the school from detention and how his expression turned to fear when he saw whoever it was in his backseat wearing those gloves. Harris is in on it, no doubt, but the person wearing the gloves is more likely the master - or the living person connected with the master, imo.


Okay, so let's say run with the "Isaac's brother is the master" theory for a sec and see where it goes. How did Cameron (Isaac's brother) get into the this scenario and how would he know Jackson and know about the Kanima and wwolves from beyond the grave? Isaac works in the graveyard, so while I guess he could've tried some voodoo or something on Cameron's grave to bring him back, I doubt it. On the other hand, Jackson Kanima did say that master was in the room with him, Stiles, Eria and Isaac last night. Could Cameron somehow be using Isaac to master the kanima without Isaac even knowing it? I think the master is somebody w/a lot more experience and knowledge of the supernatural.

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