Teen Wolf Season 3: On the Way! Super-Sized!

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Get ready to howl, Teen Wolf fans: MTV has renewed the popular summer series for a third season.

A super-sized 24 episode third season, that is, double the number of installments the network has ordered for the first two seasons of the thriller.

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Teen Wolf represents a terrific foray into the scripted world for the millennial MTV audience, and marks tremendous success in the continued diversification of our schedule,” MTV programming boss David Janollari said in a statement. “Renewing the show for a third season celebrates the creative vision of executive producer Jeff Davis and the remarkable talent of the cast who bring this bona fide fan favorite to life.”

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I really hope that Derek and his pack are in season 3 as i am enjoying watching isaac and erica, as well as watching derek as the alpha =)


im excited but I hope it doesnt take a year again for the next season but if theres double the eposodes prolly will damn :-( . p.s please dont kill derek hes the best thanks

Charmed jenna

Not that I'not happy for the show and all, but how come it has been renewed and Awkward hasn't? Awkward on average has higher ratings and is critically praised, not to mention hits the 2 mil mark more than teen wolf. This makes me worried.


YAY and thank you, MTV! I've never watched any of the Teen Mom shows and never plan to, but I NEVER MISS TW and I'm def outside the age bracket MTV is targeting for this series. This show is one of my guilty pleasures, but the fact that a non-teenager (30+) can get so into the plot/storyline of a teen drama speaks LOADS about the talent level of these writers. Can't wait for tonite's ep and CONGRATS to TW on locking in another season!


teen wolf wicked!!!


This is Comic-on awesomeness!


Awesome, its definitely one of my favorite shows. Better than Vampire Diaries to me. Maybe they are taking all the teen whores, oops teen mom shows off Mtv for more episodes of Teen Wolf.


So happy to hear this. One of my favorite shows! As long as they don't kill off Stiles or Derek,everything will be great! Those are my boys!


MTV finally did something right!


thank you! Teen wolf is one of my favorite shows on television..plus 24 eps. Congrats.

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