The Brady Bunch Reboot: Actually on the Way?!?

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NOTE: We are not making this up.

According to Deadline, CBS and Vince Vaughn are working on a rebooted version of The Brady Bunch. It would reportedly feature a divorced Bobby Brady who has three kids of his own and proceeds to marry a woman with… you guessed it... three kids of her own.

The new couple would also share a child and both halves would remain in close contact with their exes.

The original Brady Bunch ran on ABC from 1969-1974 and is responsible for a theme song guaranteed to now be stuck in your head for hours. (Sorry.)

Sound off, TV Fanatics: Would you watch an updated version of this sitcom?

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Sue ann

Last I saw, Bobby Brady was a race driver who crashed and was in a wheelchair. Is he going to miraculously heal, or is this a complication they intend to introduce into the new show, or are they going to pretend that it never happened?


Well, I am highly disappointed that neither F-Troop the movie nor the series has been rebooted! *snark*


Maybe would want to see the reboot


Didn't the Brady Bunch already have a reboot back the 90s? Yeah, it was called Step By Step. I'm not a fan of reboots. Are there really no more original ideas?