Todd Williams to Go Hunting on The Vampire Diaries

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Todd Williams is on his way to Mystic Falls - and this may mean trouble for our favorite blood suckers.

The actor has been cast on The Vampire Diaries Season 4 as Connor, a vampire hunter who will debut on the October 18 installment of this CW drama and who is described in network notes as a "highly trained killing machine."

Todd Williams Chicago Code Pic

Williams has experience playing men on the right side of the law, having portrayed a detective on In Plain Sight and a police officer on The Chicago Code.

No word yet on exactly how he'll interact with Damon, Stefan and company. But don't expect his hunter to get along as well with his supposed prey as the show's previous hunter. (RIP, Alaric. We miss you, buddy.)

In a Season 4 press release, The CW referred to a "new villain" intent on "destroying" the bond Elena and her friends have with their hometown. It's safe to assume this outline was referring to Williams' Connor.

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I think he could be Bonnie's father but nothing has made us believe that Bonnie's father is a vampire hunter. Oh and in case you've missed it, Julie Plec said Bonnie is done with having people tell her what to do. She will never kill her own father esp for Elena's sake.


This hunter has no chance with the salvatores Elena Bonnie and especially Tyler who is the strongest of them all

David and sabrina 2014

This guy better not mess with my favorite cast members but I can't wait for season 4. =|


What does someone being black have to do with anything??!!!! OMG y'all are racist as hell. And for someone to say they don't like racist comments, then make one like wtf. Maybe they are diversifying the cast, or maybe not as many black people go out for roles. W.e the reasoning, there is one now. Yes he may be doomed, but not necessarily because he's black. Look how many doomed characters we've already had and they weren't black they just had to end somewhere. Y'all are disgusting.


He can't be cause he is too old,but this is julie plec she paired her with a lame step-brother (cousin skeeter) she can pair her with a pedophile this time. I'm sure he is her father, julie plec said they'll introduce her father this season and There can't be more than two black men on the show at the same time.


He is 43 years old, he can't be bonnie's love interest. Because? Chances are he won't be, but there are no reasons to say he can't be. ..


Why am I not excited by this...I guess cos I quite know the outcome...this guy will be "too much ado about nothing"...they say "highly trained killing machine", I say he will be a total bore after the first 5 episodes. Gawd, why can't they just work with the characters they already have, because really TVD is getting too crowded.


Plec said fans will meet Bonnie's dad this season(it's only taken the 4th season for that to happen...oh wait, that's right, Bonnie is black and they don't care about her unless she can help out her white friends), so my guess is she'll find out the vampire-hater is papa.


This will be the new Alaric - Damon's frenemie.

Kitanishi h mcdonald

he's so gonna get owned in 2 episodes
Considering racism tropes this show has, expect him to be this within two episodes:
1. Bonnie's father.
2. Secretly a witch.
3. Dead.

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