Tournament of TV Fanatic CW Winner: Revealed!

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After more than a hundred thousand votes, the CW faithful have spoken.

What began with 16 network favorites came down to a title match pitting Ian Somerhalder of Vampire Diaries fame against Supernatural star Jensen Ackles. With 58.6 percent of the vote, the winner is ...

Jensen Ackles!

CW winner

Despite being seeded #7 by our obviously unappreciative editors, he methodically dispatched the stars behind Caroline Forbes, both Salvatores and the great Chuck Bass on his way to the crown. Wow.

With his victory, Jensen advances to our ULTIMATE Tournament of TV Fanatic, against the winner of forthcoming CBS, NBC, Fox, ABC and miscellaneous (HBO, USA, etc.) brackets later this year!

Stay tuned for the start of our CBS bracket later this week!

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@ Jendan
You wanted to say that fans of Jared and Paul don't love and envy victories Jensen and Ian? Grain of truth in it!


Long ago, if someone is unhappy with a victory, then it's not Jensen as many fans as Ian Padalecki fans! If someone hates winning Ian, something isn't addicted to Jensen and Paul. Here have read this! So why do you complain? why did not support their idols? Why let them lose?


well, ok. not in any particular order: paul wesley, misha collins, jared padalecki, and upcoming shows - justin Hartley. they are my favorite people who are amazing on and off screen. maybe they are not as popular as the finalists, but the popularity itself isn't the real deal sometimes and it definitely does not define them. they are all different in their own way. especially some of them have really strong personalities and that's exactly what makes you love and respect them and that's really important to me.


SayingThat, please, enlighten us about yours then instead of simply offending the taste of those who seem to like what you obviously do not.


next thing...he beats everyone on tv.... vamos jensen


so you think it's either Ian or Jensen on the whole network who deserves recognition??


I never doubted that Jensen would win for a second and I can't believe that anyone would ever doubt that. I am sure Ian is a good actor and I have seen him in CSI, but as far as I am concerned he doesn't hold a candle to Jensen. Jensen has come through over and over again. He has directed three episodes and he enjoys everything he does. Congrats Jensen, soon SN will rule the world.


No, mate. not for me. and 'humiliate talent, uniqueness....' and something else that you said.. please, read the comment. there is no humiliation. Unlike yours.
i just said that i disagree with this and my opinion is different, that's why there is no need for you to tell me that i am right or not and also something about humiliation. that's it.


@Saying That
Learn how to lose! Admit it, you're just jealous..


I believe this is why they often refer to us Supernatural fans as "rabid."

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