Tournament of TV Fanatic: Ed Westwick vs. Jensen Ackles!

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Welcome back, fans, to the 1st annual Tournament of TV Fanatic!

It's time for you, TV Fanatics, to choose your favorite CW star! We will be conducting surveys among fan favorites from across the network. The concept is easy: Pick your favorite of the two pairs in each poll. That's it!

Round two kicked off with Ian Somerhalder and Rachel Bilson, Leighton Meester and Shane West, and Jared Padalecki and Paul Wesley squaring off. Ian, Leighton and Paul (narrowly) are currently ahead.

Today, it's Gossip Girl's Ed Westwick against Supernatural's Jensen Ackles!

So which star do you love most, Ed or Jensen? VOTE in the survey below!

And the Winner is?

Ed Westwick or Jensen Ackles: Which CW star do you love more? Cast your vote right here, right now in this second round Tournament of TV Fanatic matchup! View Poll »

Poll is now closed! Here are the results:

Ed Westwick

Jensen Ackles

Total Votes: 17606

All four quarterfinal matchups will remain open until the semifinals begin Monday, so vote early and often!

REMINDER: If your favorite didn't make the cut, there will also be a wild card round, on top of CBS, NBC, Fox, ABC and miscellaneous (HBO, USA, etc.) brackets! The winners will then compete for the overall tournament title!

Here's the CW bracket through round one:

CW Quarterfinals Bracket

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To Anna - for your information Supernatural won 2 People's choice awards and TVD lost.....xoxoxo OK, Nina won one but that's all. So you see, it seems you don't know anything about Supernatural but I do know thing or two about TVD. Why ,cause I actually watch it to so I can say what show is better and that's SPN.
And can you please remind me where was Supernatural panel held this sunday (I'll pretend I don't know :D ) and where was TVD?
One thing also, you haters and ignorant don't do anything good for your favorite show.
SPN Family rules!!!


@Mivix:To Anna - People's choice awards :D Why , cause Supernatural is the greatest just like Jensen and Jared. You teens hahahaha hahahahahahhahhaha..are you sure that i'm teen???????? hahahahahahahahahah..omfg!!! I'm not teen...and people choice awards...what with them??????? are Jensen and Jared won PCAs???? hahahahaha..of course noooo..everytime TVD win,not Supernatural fans!! hahahahahhahahah


The people who are hating in us "Supernatural Fanatics" are just jealous you are not a part of our wonderful SPN family. Go get a life.


To Anna - People's choice awards :D Why , cause Supernatural is the greatest just like Jensen and Jared. You teens hahahaha


@jenna: hahahahhahahaahhahah...supernatural fans are....bullshit!!!! hahaahhahahahahahahahhahaha....And what now?? This is one of the million stupid guys,supernatural's better to vote at TCA2012,because Ian or Paul will win!! Not Jared or Jensen!! hahahahahhahhahahahah


@Rosa: It's not wrong poll.....I know where I am!!!!!!!!! And Jensen is the best??? hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhaahahhahahahahaahahhaaha...Sooooo funny!!! hahahahaha


Vote often?! They told me I could only vote once in the Jared vs Paul contest! Someone is a poophead. This was foul play :( At least Jensen won.


Anna:Oh Please Hahaha The Supernatural Fans Are Super Stuborn And Guess What We Fucking Won! Hahahahahaha What Now! >:D


To Anna: O-o Wrong poll pal ...wrong poll! .___. PS. Jensen is the best (^-^ )


Jared will lose...ahahahahahahahahah..what supernatural fans??? hahahahaahahahahahah....bullshit!!! Gooo Paul!! :DDD

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