Tournament of TV Fanatic Finals: Ian Somerhalder vs. Jensen Ackles

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We've reached the finals of the first Tournament of TV Fanatic bracket.

For the past few weeks, we've been asking readers to vote between their favorite CW stars, as seeds 1 through 16, from shows across this network's schedule, have done battle for the hearts and minds of fans everywhere.

And now we're down to the championship: Vampire Diaries hunk Ian Somerhalder (overall #1 seed) will try to coast through the all four rounds by going up against Supernatural stud Jensen Ackles (#7 seeds).

Will we see an upset? Or is the shirtless smirk of Damon Salvatore simply too tough to beat? Vote now and decide. Results will be announced on Monday:

And the Winner is?

The Tournament of TV Fanatic has come down to a pair of names for the title of Biggest CW Star. Vote now between Ian Somerhalder and Jensen Ackles. View Poll »

Poll is now closed! Here are the results:

Ian Somerhalder

Jensen Ackles

Total Votes: 30891

REMEMBER: Following the reveal of The CW's top star, we'll move on to CBS, NBC, Fox, ABC and wild card (HBO, USA, etc.) tournaments! The winners from each will then compete for the overall title and we'll crown the top television star on the planet. With your help!

Here's the updated CW bracket:

Final Bracket

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+ de one trillion times Jensen.




For a real fan it doesn´t matter how many votes your favorite gets. For me i will always choose Damon. Ian is the best. Love him and i can´t decide if i like the private Ian more or the darker version Damon Salvatore. I mean we all love a good bad boy, but he is really shy and sweet in private. So, i`ll take them both for one that he will stay on TVD...He*s the perfect Damon. And this type of guy your mother warn you about but than also fall in love with..Congrats to Jensen. Looks like that he will win.


JulyFlame, I don't know, I adore and support them both, and I think most fans do, but I do think Jensen is a bit of a better, more natural actor. Jared is still amazing, though!


Claro que é o lindo do Jensen, ele é meu divo, ele é meu amor e eu amo ele super demais, ele é o melhor ator, ele é o mais lindo de todos, ele ganha um milhão de vezes do Ian. Beijos Americanos, de uma menina Brasileira que mora no Rio de Janeiro ;*


Josh I think I agree.


what is this?????where is paul wesley???he is the best actor and most haandsome man in the world???just paul wesley.i hate ian samerhalder


I like both Ian and Jensen, but Jensen is my fav!


I think half of people leaving comments on here just trying to get shit started. Who knows if they're fans of either.


Dean is cutting Damon's head!!

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