Tournament of TV Fanatic: Jared Padalecki vs. Paul Wesley!

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Welcome back, fans, to the 1st annual Tournament of TV Fanatic!

It's time for you, TV Fanatics, to choose your favorite CW star! We will be conducting surveys among fan favorites from across the network. The concept is easy: Pick your favorite of the two pairs in each poll. That's it!

Round two began with Ian Somerhalder and Rachel Bilson, then Leighton Meester and Shane West squaring off. Today, it's Supernatural's Jared Padalecki against TVD's Paul Wesley, who each cruised in round one.

So which star do you love most, Jared or Paul? VOTE!

And the Winner is?

Jared Padalecki or Paul Wesley: Which CW star do you love more? Cast your vote right here, right now in this second round Tournament of TV Fanatic matchup! View Poll »

Poll is now closed! Here are the results:

Jared Padalecki

Paul Wesley

Total Votes: 18677

Still tap next this week: Jensen Ackles vs. Ed Westwick. All matchups will remain open until the conclusion of the second round and the start of the semifinals next week, so vote early and often!

REMINDER: If your favorite didn't make the cut, there will also be a wild card round, on top of CBS, NBC, Fox, ABC and miscellaneous (HBO, USA, etc.) brackets! The winners will then compete for the overall tournament title!

Here's the CW bracket through round one:

CW Quarterfinals Bracket

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just jared for ever...


Jared jared jared just hem voit to hem please fans were are you


paul lindo vai ganha vai ganha

David and sabrina 2014

Paul is way better than any other guy on the CW,besides being compared to Ian Somerhalder. I can't wait for season 4. =)


Whatever Mivi!


Jared is better and should have won!
To TVDFAN - first it's Jensen and second you should know better then say that SPN is done(8 season ,hello), cause just like Danna said TVD will never outlast Supernatural. As soon you accept that it will be better for you. I also love TVD but it can't be compared with greatness of Supernatural. And in context of this weekend SDCC - Hall H :D


I bet you Ian and Jenson are gonna be in the final..but im hoping its ian and paul!!!


TVDFAN: TVD is a great show and I do adore it but please don't say that SPN is done. It's a longer lasting, action packed, unpredictable series. TVD will not outlast the SPN series because the base of the storyline is a girl who is in love with two men. You can't go too far with that...


ella, why you felt the need to comment back is beyond me. I featured Paul's abs in my argument as a suggestion and not to be taken too literally. Jared and Paul are both good looking but if that was the only thing you picked up on then you missed the point. The base of my comment was that Jared is a better actor with more experience. And you can tell this from watching both shows. I don't know if you watch both TVD and SPN but I do and I can tell you, with many references to support, that Jared has better acting skills. I am upset because the poll result is typical, but please don't pick on an argument if you totally do not understand the context.


My voted is for Jared of course

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