Tournament of TV Fanatic: Paul Wesley vs. Blake Lively!

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Welcome back to the 1st annual Tournament of TV Fanatic!

It's time for you, TV Fanatics, to choose your favorite CW star! We will be conducting surveys among fan favorites from across the network. The concept is easy: Pick your favorite of the two pairs in each poll. That's it!

The polls so far: Ian Somerhalder and Scott Porter, followed by Rachel Bilson and Maggie Q, AnnaLynne McCord and Shane West, Leighton Meester and Wilson Bethel and Jared Padalecki and Matt Davis.

Ian, Rachel, Shane, Leighton and Jared currently lead, but polls remain open! On tap today? Our #6 seed, The Vampire Diaries' Paul Wesley, against one of Gossip Girl's leading ladies, #11 Blake Lively!

Which star do you love most? VOTE below:

And the Winner is?

Which CW star do you love more, Paul Wesley or Blake Lively? Vote in this first-round matchup as TV Fanatic crowns its first annual Top CW Star! View Poll »

Poll is now closed! Here are the results:

Paul Wesley

Blake Lively

Total Votes: 4130

Still to come in round one: #7 Jensen Ackles vs. #10 Candice Accola; #2 Ed Westwick vs. #15 Shanae Grimes.

REMINDER: If your favorite didn't make the cut, there will also be a wild card round, on top of CBS, NBC, Fox, ABC and miscellaneous (HBO, USA, etc.) brackets! Leave a comment with your nominations.

The winners will then compete for the overall tournament title! Here's the CW bracket:

TVF CW Bracket

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Paul Wesley all the way.


Aham, Blake can't act, that's why Oliver Stone picked her, that's why critics acclaimed her performance in "The Town" and why there's so much praise regarding her in "Pippa Lee". I'm sure the little tweenager love vampire is an ace actor. Vampire Diaries is such a critically-acclaimed piece after all.


Paul can act, Blake can't. Simple as that lol.


Go Blake!


Of course always Blake, because she is most beautiful and one of the most talented young actresses in Hollywood!


it unfair who the people are matched against.
it should have been Jensen vs Ian and Jared vs Stefan. Basically lead males vs lead males and females vs females of simlar role. Candice vs Jensen, who is a lead is abit unfair.


The thing is, this is a show about TVfanatics. TV, not MOVIE. So Paul really DOES act better (haven't seen any blake movies except The Town). Please direct me to ONE scene that isn't like 3 years old where Blake does phenomenal acting.
TVD may be one of the most fails on TV but nothing can ever top the shit that is GOSSIP GIRL.
And at least Paul can admit his storylines/Show's shit...


Yes Blake is beautiful but let's be honest, she can't really act. I voted for Paul because he is an excellent actor and no I am not a teenage girl. I'm in my mid 20's.


And yes, Blake's acting is by far better, all it takes to confirm that is watch "Pippa Lee" or "The Town" then watch "The Vampire Diaries". People voting for him are clearly just foolish-headed horny tweenagers who listen to Justin Bieber and have pink Beats headphones.


Come on Blake!

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